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Can you live a normal life with half a brain?

Well, here is an interesting article from the BBC about how "there are large gaps in the basic understanding of the brain........ part of the problem may be our way of thinking."

Quote :
The cerebellum is most famous for controlling precise movements, but other areas of the brain such as the basal ganglia and the motor cortex are also intimately involved in moving our bodies. Asking what unique thing each area does may be the wrong question, when they are all contributing to the same thing. Memory is another example of an essential biological function which seems to be supported by multiple brain systems. If you bump into someone you've met once before, you might remember that they have a reputation for being nice, remember a specific incident of them being nice, or just retrieve a vague positive feeling about them all forms of memory which tell you to trust this person, and all supported by different brain areas doing the same job in a slightly different way.
I only had a small portion of my brain removed from my left temporal lobe, but this describes the memory problems I now experience.
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