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Old 10-27-2006, 03:42 PM
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updat on me caz

Caz’s diary


On Monday 7th of November 2005
I woke up in the morning not feeling to good do not now what was wrong so. I went to bed. I sleep all morning and I woke up a few times. About dinner time I woke up and I start to shake loads. This was my whole body.

On 9th November 2005
well today I have a headache I am feeling so tied today I keep shaking my legs, arms, hands and my feet shake sometimes but quite an l a lot of the time! I fall asleep in class today.

on the 15th of November 2005
I went to college in the morning and when I got back after college I lay down on Ryan (boyfriend) bed and I start to shake it was one side of my body.


On the 4th of decmber 2005
i was in bed at night and i staarted to shake and i now nothing about this. ryan had to tell me. in the moring i flet sor headac tiyed ryan was going to ring 999 and he was going to i came out of it. and then when i woke up i start to shake agian!

On16th of decmber 2005
it is Christmas now so at home and that night I did not feel very well. Lot of jerking of arms, legs.

On 19th the Monday Night I think had a fit I did not feel good at all felt ill so went to bed about 9:30pm
slap all the way thought till about 9:30 but I woke up feel not well at all tiyed back heart just not with it!

i did not feel right at all i had gone to the cineam and i flet not with it. and i remmber on min beeing ther the next not. and when i came back i could not remmbr anything.

felt light headed had to liay down.

felt light headed had to liay down.

1st of janury i went to be feeling very tiyed and i started to get a funny test in my moth. and i had a drink and it di not go away.

I started not feeling very well. at all. in the afternoon. i started to jerk my arms,legsfeet.,heands. and this was going on for long time. and then in the end went back to bed feeling reallly tiyed and that mede no diffint and that night i was told i had an sleep fit start to jerk and shake in my sleep. and when i woke up i flet

On the first of april I went to goal ball and I was playing the sport and i start feel funny I went really hot and my hole body was shaking loads

On the 14th of may i went out for my birthday becouse i was not at home for my birthdaythat would be the 16th my birthday so on the 14th i went out for a meal with mum and step dad for a meal!
and we got to the pub and i had a glass of white wine and mum had one 2 and i start to feel hot!!! and then we lifed to go to our place for the meal. and we got there and mum read the start to me and them mine course to me as well and then my start came and i start to eat it. and then suddle i start to feel more and more hot, tiyed weak like i could not even move and then i sat back for a few mins and then said too mum take me outside. and she did and then we got out there i said get me a glass of water. and then i start to cool down.

and then the same day at night i had a fit in my sleep so in the moirng i felt even worse i felt tieyd all day.


i was in bed one night and i woke up really hot and a few secends later i could not even move and. say anything or do anything. and then i went deaf.

i have been jarking my arms and legs

Monday 2nd June 06 Caroline was shaking violently and I tried to control her I held her because I did not want her to hurt her self. This happened at 2.00 a.m

Wednesday 4th June 06 caroline was shaking (limbs trembling,) and in the morning she felt sick and had a head ache, as a result, I advised that she should not go to college that day and put her feet up and “take it easy!” This happened about 4.45

7th last night i went to bed becouse i felt tiyed and i woke up about 3:00ish in the moring! and i went deaf and i cold not move my body! at all! i do no this was happing to me!

8th the next day I went deaf in class for few secends

when i went to bed feeling fine a couple hours later i woke up and i went deaf for a few mins to a fwe secends and then i fell asleep agian and then i had an fit in my sleep! my boyfriend tole me and then my back really hearts in the moirng.

Tuesday 10th June 06 caroline complaint of feeling deaf and felt faint, that night she shook violently and never woke up first time I felt like dialling 999 for an ambulance and when I did go to do that? I’d just picked up the phone and was about to diall and then she asked “what are ya doing?” obviously she couldn’t remember, and again I advised she stay off, her tutor D Wain had A right Go at her which wasn’t fair because it wasn’t caroline’s fault and no one understood what was going on.

Thursday 22 June, caroline had a bad head ache and that night again, shook violently her full body jerking. This happened about 2.45 a.m


Saturday 2 Jul, 5.33 caroline was shaking violently (jerking it also woke me up, and I was straight in to action waking caroline up)

when i woke up in the middle of the night my pj where all wet.

Saturday 15 5.00 a.m Caroline shaking violently again, jerking her full body and I woke her up, she taken some paracetamol for a headache.

when i went to bed feeling fine a couple hours later i woke up and i went deaf for a few minsthen i fell asleep agian and then i had an fit in my sleep! my boyfriend told me!! me and then my back really hearts!


feeling so ill today i have a headac so tiyed and my back hearts i can over move

i had been very tiyed all day i went to bed and in the middle of the night ii woke up and i start to shake i was a wake. and it went on for a few mins.

feeling very tiyed today had an headac

shake my hends this moring



14th of octber
i went really tiyed in the afternoon and flet sick and i lay down for a bit and then i was sick i had an headac.

was really tiyed shacking lims and i had a fit in my sleep!

jarking of lims

really tieyd all day and back hearts all over my lifed foot was jarksing this moring loads

really tied full of cold

i'm now on meds but no under control i have had 2 fits in the last week full of cold just not with it very tiyed

caz rep back
When will life be nice and sweet to us with out epilepsy, i think not for a long time i will be allwyas on meds i been told that by my nureo
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