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Old 06-10-2018, 02:08 PM
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2nd surgery or live with epilepsy?

The title says it. I had a surgery in the brain stem to save my life and I'm still recovering. A second brain surgery wouldn't save my life but taking out these angiomas would make it so I don't have epilepsy anymore. The angiomas are on the surface far from the brain stem (I forgot which lobe). Now a second surgery would mean no epilepsy, I could drink coffee, alcohol, no meds. Is it worth the risk tho?
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Old 06-10-2018, 06:21 PM
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Firstly - You will always have epilepsy, surgery does not cure our seizures but is another treatement to help control them. Some people who have brain surgery may be seizure free but will still have to take some medication even if it is a lower dose.

Secondly - Have you spoken to an epiologist or surgeon to discuss the pros & cons of the 2nd surgery. EG - the risks involved?
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Old 06-12-2018, 05:51 AM
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Hi finalpoet,

Before you go in for a 2nd surgery you need to talk with your Dr. about any risks and what the chances are of your seizures stopping or even decreasing. This is what I did before I had my 2nd surgery. The surgery only reduced my seizures but they are a lot less and I'm on a lot less seizure meds also. Wishing you the best of luck and May God Bless You!

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Old 06-13-2018, 11:21 AM
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Thanks for your thoughts. I didn't mention but I agree I will look further into the risks and benefits. Surgery seldom is something to rush into.
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