[News] Britain to restrict use of Valproate and possibly Topiramate

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... Under a new policy that enters force on January 31st, valproate will be off-limits to all new patients under 55, unless two specialists agree that nothing else will work. Later this year, those already on it will need a second opinion to retain their prescription.
The question is whether the people who need valproate—often the ones with the most dangerous seizures—will get timely treatment. Their doctors may be caught between following the MHRA’s rules and respecting people’s well-informed choices.

Valproate is not alone. The MHRA is reviewing topiramate, another anti-seizure medicine, for its effects on fetuses. Several other drugs also carry heightened risks. Doctors will have difficult calls to make. Lawyers are paying close attention.

Hi Bernard,
Thank you for sharing this info. I was on valporate for many yrs. until my body got immune to the drug and it
didn't work anymore but in the beginning it stopped a good amount of my seizures. While on Topamax this drug
increased my seizures and was of no help.
Wishing you only the best and May God Bless You,

I was on Topamax/topiramte when pregnant with my second child.

Hopefully no lasting harmful effects. My wife was on Valproate with our 2nd child. He has some mild asthma/eczema but is otherwise just fine.
Can I have more insight into why Britain is doing this. I am aware of the side effects but this seems like a power and control issue. Thank you
I suspect it is to limit the potential harm to babies. That's why the restriction is to people under 55 years old - during childbearing ages for women. I guess they have to apply the restriction to both men and women so they aren't discriminating or something.
My son was born healthy. My pregnancy was considered high risk. My obstetrician had raised my folic acid dose to 4mg/day, along with adding the prenatal vitamins. My first son was born healthy, too--at that time, I was only having simple partial seizures, & took Dilantin, 340mg/day. The doctors did the same thing--raising my folic acid dose & adding prenatals.
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