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Heavy Kevy

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One new symptom I’ve been experiencing is a cold sweat in the morning. I’ve also been waking up with a light sweat when sleeping. I’ve been able to fall back asleep usually.
This new symptom started when I was prescribed Zonisamide. So it very well could be a side effect.
The Zonisamide possibly helped for a few months I was sleeping 10 hours a day though. Looking back at my seizure diary I usually do well those months too. There’s a good chance it has slightly decreased the frequency.
I’m less than a month from my intracranial surgery.
I’m debating asking the doctor if I could stop taking it. Keeping post-surgery in mind as well.
Any thoughts?
Cold/night sweats could be symptoms of sleep apnea. However, Zonisamide is supposed to reduce sleep apnea:

Night sweats are not listed as a known side effect of Zonisamide:

Info on night sweats:

Fighting some insomnia. I’ve got an appointment with my doctor. I’d like to blame the Zonisamide. Never helped anyway.
Might ask for a lower dose.
Hi Heavy Kevy,

I was told to start taking Folic Acid 1 mg. a day to fight of insomnia and it has helped me a lot. Make sure
you are cutting back on caffeine beverages. I was told not to drink any caffeine after 5 pm and eat only fruit
any time past 7 pm.
I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You,

I wonder if folic acid has lessened my side effects (or prevented some possible ones). I've been taking 1mg folic acid/day for approximately 30 years now, if not longer. During my pregnancies, the dosage was reduced to 4mg/day.
My doctor agreed but wasn’t thrilled about changing anything.
We’re starting with trying melatonin. Then a sleep pill (trazadone). If neither work we’ll try lowering the zonisamide dosage.
Med changes sure can be fun. I still remember when Keppra came out, & my neuro at that time put me on it. I began having such severe stomach cramps that I was doubled over in pain. Or when my neuro tried to add a low dose of Lamictil as a third AED to help with the breakthroughs. Within a few days, I felt the same type of rash starting to break out (in a milder form) across my back as Tegretol had caused. Apparently, both of those drugs are chemically related, so in some ways it isn't surprising.
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