Taking a break


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Hi guys

I have a lot of stuff going on at the moment.
My moods have been bad for quite a while and are getting worse.

I was due to speak to my Neuropsychiatrist in Mid May. I emailed my Neuropsychologist earlier this month and she has got me an earlier appt for mid April (they book a month ahead so its earliest she could get)

So I'm taking a break for now

Thank you
Hi CQ,

Take it easy on yourself and I wish you only the best! Maybe your mood isn't good because it's
getting near winter in your area and that can sometimes cause problems. I know I have more seizures
in the fall and winter compared to the spring and summer.

You take care and drop me a line if you need a friend to talk to.

Wishing You only the Best and May God Bless You,

Rooting for you CQ. Take care of you and reach out to me if you like. 🌺
Hi all

Moods are a little bit better but I still have my days.
I’ve been on leave from work on sick leave since mid March, my boss was more worried about coping without me instead of my health.

I spoke to my neuropsychiatrist yesterday, she could see my moods were much worse this time where last time it was the anxiety. She agrees that my job is a big stressor for me and when I said I’m ready to leave she understood.

She has increased my anxiety meds and organised another ecg to make sure everything is ok.
Because the epilepsy drs are in the city they send their reports to the gp here to advice them of any changes.
I have to see my gp on Friday after I speak to my clinical psychologist.

I am currently still on extended leave while I adjust to the new medication change but after talking to the neuropsychiatrist I decided to leave my job and handed my resignation in this afternoon.
Hi CQ,

It's great to hear from you and I'm sorry you are having hard times. I went through the same thing a few yrs. ago and
my Epileptologist found out that is was do to the lack of serotonin and each fall and winter I got moody and had a hard
time getting by but then I was told to sit around bright lights and that helped me a lot. I know it may sound crazy but it
worked great.

As I have mentioned in the past have your Epilepsy Dr. do a DNA test on you and that will help find the best seizure
med for you with the least side effects.

Remember you have all of us here as your friends and anytime you need a friend to talk to remember I am here
for you also.

I wish you only the best and May God Bless You,

Thank you everyone for your thoughts

As mentioned in my last post my psychiatrist increased my anxiety and I had to have an updated ECG just to make sure my hearts still ok.

Because my epilepsy specialists are in the city and our appts are Telehealth they send the letters straight to my dr and she increases any medication or does any tests asked.

My psychiatrist gave me a extra 2 weeks leave from my job, the day after I handed my 2 weeks notice in.
My last official day was last Tuesday, I had to go in to drop something off and get some paperwork signed.

I’ll be back to looking for part time or casual work soon but am also looking at getting back into volunteering.

I have a drs appointment tomorrow.

The psychiatrist wanted to follow up with me earlier then usual and I’m due to speak to neurologist next couple of months so need to follow that up soon 🤦‍♀️
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