What do you do for fun around the house?


I don't have a "deaf accent"? Hm, hadn't noticed.
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Not nearly enough. I became so weak over these years, I couldn't get out of bed (I have to sleep with my mattress on the floor) without having to take hold of something to help. Now, I have some small free-weights (I think they are also called dumbbells?) and I just hold them, bending my knees until the weights touch the floor, then stand up again, rinse, repeat. I don't count, I just do it until I can not stand doing it any longer. Could NOT do it without supervision at first but now it has made all the difference in the World. Now I can stand up all by myself just like most people.

As to what I enjoy:
Streaming entertainment, I'm a member of something like five streaming services. And of late, I am honestly enjoying getting to know the good people of this Forum. I was DEEPLY cautious at first, experience had long ago taught me that Forums are just bullies waiting for a chance to verbally pounce, twisted my stomach up just logging in. So, removing myself from ALL Social Media was the best thing I'd ever done, and meeting and reading about all of you is truly enjoyable.