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Old 09-19-2017, 06:30 PM
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Hi Mari,

You made a great point about misdiagnosis. What if someone had brain surgery for seizures, and it turned out they weren't even epileptic, and those weren't even seizures!? Wow!

But what about the other side. You're in the neurofeedback thread here. I'm not epileptic and I train with neurofeedback all the time, so do pro athletes, opera singers, and so many who just want improved brain function (it was my brother who was epileptic). Like going to the gym and eating right, one doesn't need to have a deficit. But if one is in deficit, then things like the ketogenic diet might help. But the ketogenic diet probably won't hurt someone who is incorrectly diagnosed ... not like brain surgery could hurt anyway.

So this is a cool topic you brought up, and it allows me to point out that neurofeedback is not a repair, it is not fixing something that is broken, it's just brain-stability training.

Check out my facebook live that I did today if you can, covering this topic, the discovery of neurofeedback for seizures back in the 70s, and beyond. that's on facebook / eeginstitute
Kurt Othmer
EEG Info, Inc.
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