1. Bernard

    [Research] Jhana meditation studied with fMRI
  2. Bernard

    [News] AI-Based Neurofeedback Method Slashes Latency by 50-Fold This report reads like a lot of market hype, but I found it interesting that it could potentially allow NFB systems to become more responsive and/or targeted.
  3. M

    New here plse help

    HI, I am new to this forum. I am hoping to find out more information about alternative therapies for epilepsy for my son. He is on Trileptal and is close to the max dose of 2400 mg. He is at 2100 mg. He has usually had good control on this AED. But the seizures return every 3 years almost...
  4. R

    New Biofeedback Therapy being tested

    Every so often I search the web to see if there is some new research out there regarding epilepsy to be hopeful about. I came across this article (Coping with Epilepsy won't allow me to put in the link, sorry) It's about a new method of online biofeedback therapy. It seems to focus on people...
  5. Bernard

    [Research] Controlling genes with your thoughts
  6. kurt.othmer

    [Recommended] Brian's Legacy: As Shared by His Father Siegfried Othmer

    I'm so grateful for the discussions and attention that neurofeedback and my family's history has received here on Coping With Epilepsy. I would love to invite you all to check out this book, based on the journal that my brother kept as a young man as he fought to manage everything surrounding...
  7. E

    Neurofeedback? and... permanent damage from meds?

    Hi everyone! I joined the forum a while back, when I was staying at my parents' house in Arkansas, but should reintroduce myself since I have been basically inactive on here since moving to Portland, OR earlier this year, and being caught up with settling myself in a new place. My story is...
  8. R

    Stanford scientists turn seizures into music

    Just received this interesting article from a friend about how Stamford University researchers turned seizure activity into music. What started out as an art project soon became more of a useful science project when they realized that the sounds a seizure made might be able to help care givers...
  9. U


    Diary of Seizures OVERVIEW: Below the history of my seizures, to the best of my recollection, is listed in chronological order below. •At about 4-6 yrs of age the right side of my head struck a wall. It is not known if I had a concussion or lost conscious. •Various time from childhood to...
  10. C

    Positive experience with neurofeedback

    Hi, Im Christine... im so thankful to find this website. My husbad got seizure myclonic for almost 15 years i think. I'm married with him for 6 years. I feel hurt everytime he got seizure. My husband take epilim and lamictal for his seizure medicine. Day by day his seizure getting more and...
  11. R


    I have had epilepsy since I was 15....52 years ago. I am trying the LENS machine now and wonder if anyone else in the forum has tried it. I have had 50 treatments and while the treatments relax me for awhile, I don't know what to expect in long term effects. I'm also under the care of an...
  12. N

    [News] Neurofeedback to be tested on veterans

    Promising nfb news from an article in the NY Times: Full article here:
  13. E

    A Complicated Illness

    This is a remarkable group and reading the breadth and human kindness here is wonderful. I came across an article that is to appear in Epilepsy Research and wanted to upload it but the size was too big so the abstract appears below. This was prompted by a question someone asked about Dr...
  14. C


    My son has just begun Zengar neurofeedback. I was wondering if I am getting taken. He sits there and watches a movie with electrodes on his head. It seems like nothing is happening; occasionally the sound goes slightly in and out. The practioner seems nice enough but sits there with an intense...
  15. N

    [Info] Neurofeedback at home

    I read a recent review of a home EEG set made by NeuroSky. For $100 you get a high-quality EEG headset plus ten bundled Applications, including ones designed to enhance meditation and cognition. And it works Mac and PC. It's nowhere near as precise and targeted as Neurofeedback with a trained...
  16. R


    Hi. I'm new to this forum. I have had sensory simple partial seizures for 13 years and am looking into neurofeedback. Has anyone tried neurofeedback to decrease or rid themselves of seizures? Does anyone have recommendations on where to find a specialist in neurofeedback for epilepsy? I...
  17. N

    [News] Neurofeedback in the News

    NY Times article detailing incremental gains in popularity of neurofeedback. Slowly but surely...
  18. K

    More information on neurofeedback

    Hi, I am new here and my son is 6, has been diagnosed with Doose syndrome and has been having seizures for 18 months. We have tried many ( 10, I think) meds and none have helped, some have surely worsened things. We are currently trying neurofeedback ( 10 sessions so far) and I am trying to...
  19. L

    After 18 neurofeedback sessions...

    My son (13) has finished his 18th neurofeedback session last night. We had a review of his progress to date, and the results are looking promising. When I compare his brain waves from his very first session, to Monday's session, the level of delta (the slowest frequency) seems to be decreasing...
  20. P

    [News] Brain Injured Solders Still at Risk for Epilepsy Years Later…

    The high numbers of soldiers who have suffered traumatic brain injuries associated with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan face an array of health challenges, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health issues. Now new research published in Neurology®, the medical...
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