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Old 01-03-2014, 02:06 AM
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Are night time seizure considered a grand mal seizure?

Happy new year everyone!!

Christmas present came early for me this year.

Lets see last year, i had 2 seizures within a weeks time from the week off i have from work for Christmas and New Years. Normally i have seizures once a month, so 2 so close together was very strange.

This year, on the morning of Tues Dec 23, at 4am i went to use the bathroom, a number 1 if anyone is counting. Well i went back to sleep without any problems, then i woke up reaching for my blanket from the floor. Somehow i had a seizure and fell off my king size bed, on which i normally sleep in the middle. The bed is about 2 feet high. Afterwards i felt beat up, my calves felt like stones and my tongue was bitten. My arm, i could barely move when i tried to lift it. Big black bruise on the back of my bicep, near the elbow. And my arm/hand have been numb and has pins and needle type pain with it still, to this day. The doc says it's a pinched nerve anyone have this type of pinched nerve that lasts for so long, it's been over a week now. I still have pain moving my arm over my head. To top things off, one of my ankles has been swelling up on me for the last few weeks.

I'm so worried about my arm/hand, that's my early warning system (Aura) that tell me a seizure is coming on. The pins and needles and numbness in my right arm normally tells me when a seizure is about to start. That's when i get my emergency pill, Ativan, but this time i was asleep, or at least i can't remember what happened before it started.

Is it considered a grand mal, (tonic clonic) if a seizure happens to someone when they are asleep? Since i was already asleep, i did not lose consciousness.

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Old 01-03-2014, 07:56 AM
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People can have all types of seizures when they are asleep. A simple partial or complex partial would usually go completely unnoticed. Many times after a simple partial, I would wake up on the floor, but not so beat up.

Judging by the damage your body took, it is safe to assume you had a tonic clonic/ grand mal seizure, but you can't know for sure.
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Old 01-03-2014, 06:32 PM
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considering that you're injured in that many areas and your tongue was beaten it's pretty safe to say yes, grand mal. whether you're sleeping or not has nothing to do with g.m.'s, also, there aren't many seizures in which there is no memory of the event. you lose consciousness and unless you knew the exact time you fell asleep and the clock was the first thing you consciously noticed after the seizure there's no way to be sure. as we recover there's very little concept of time frame.

my first grand mal ever was in my sleep (woke up at 4am to a room full of cops, ambulance attendants and my boyfriend terrified). it happens.
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Old 01-03-2014, 08:49 PM
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I agree with the others that it definitely sounds like you had a grand mal, and yes you can have a grand mal while you are sleeping, but not all seizures while sleeping are grand mal if that makes sense.
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