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Old 01-21-2019, 01:20 PM
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Seizure diary?

With memory loss any recommendations on how I can keep a seizure diary? My dominant hand isn't going to write. So I can't keep a paged journal.
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Old 01-21-2019, 03:02 PM
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I think there are apps you can use which help monitor your seizures.

I used to keep a seizure diary years ago but the neurologists I see now just like to know the total amount of seizures I have a month. I use a calendar/ notepad app on my phone. I only use the calendar part specificily for my epilepsy, I mark that I had a seizure & if it is different I can write more information to remind myself for next time I talk to neurologist.
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Old 01-21-2019, 06:34 PM
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Hi finalpoet,

Just like CQ I use a calendar and I make a key for the types of seizures I have A= aura B=absence complex partial= complex partial. I just write down the type of seizure I have and the time it happened. I also make a note if there's a low pressure, I'm sick, or under stress. I've been doing this for many yrs. and my Epileptologist was able to see a pattern in my seizures I would have them in the morning or later in the afternoon usually the 3rd week of the month. My Dr. also saw I was having more seizures in the fall and winter compared to the spring and summer which are called "seasonal seizures" and they happen do to lack of serotonin. I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You!

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Old 01-22-2019, 07:50 AM
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I use a notebook to record which type of seizure I had. I write the time, & what others saw me doing or if I've injured myself (if it was a complex partial). For simple partials, I note how long they last--usually 2-3 minutes.
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Old 01-23-2019, 07:21 PM
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I keep a notebook also. I have someone write down the time,date, and what they witnessed.
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Old 01-26-2019, 09:43 PM
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You could try to write down as much as you know about the seizure after you've had it so it isn't forgotten, then type it into into the computer.

If you have Microsoft Word, or something similar to it, you can type in the month, day, time, what happened and anything else that you think might be important about. For example:

Date of the seizure
Time of the seizure
Type of seizure and what you did during the seizure
Anything else

My neurologist loves it because we don't have to spend half the visit just going through these things and we can talk about more important stuff.
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Old 01-26-2019, 10:05 PM
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That list of things is exactly what I write down in my notebook. I've told family members to note what happens/what I do during my complex partials when they witness them. I especially want to know if/how I hurt myself, & anything I was doing that was very odd
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Old 02-05-2019, 04:28 PM
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That's one of the things that I hate about this whole thing. Half the time I'm not sure I had an "episode" or not. Then I can't remember what I was doing or anything else. Then my parents will tell me that I had one. They'll tell me to write it down, but my memory is so blurred that I have a hard time even doing that. Plus I'm so fatigued I don't feel like doing anything. From now on I'm going to tell my parents to write it down for me or at least sit down with me and help me write it down (ie the time, date, how long it was, what did I do etc).
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Old 02-09-2019, 08:51 AM
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Cool iPhone app called My Seizure Diary that is connected to (just another suggestion.) I also used to keep a journal, but was sporadic about it. Now that my phone is practically glued to my hand, at least I can use the app lol
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