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Old 03-07-2016, 07:46 PM
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Smile Great, Understanding, Powerful Piece

You have just made my opinion of Epilepsy Specialists rise a huge amount! To hear one doctor who is working with several other doctors to 'see for themselves and understand' that this type of site CAN be very useful for others with a similar condition is VERY uplifting! That is because we(members of the site) usually have a very positive outlook toward helping others with our condition.
Normally, I have experienced the exact opposite. I have run into neurologists who seemed to care a lot more about themselves than me. All I ever heard coming from them was how MY having E was 'holding them back from doing what they SHOULD be doing(like golf). I actually had one who told me he had to hurry because he had set a tee-off time earlier than my appointment was supposed to end.
The open outlook that you and you associates have can only make more doctors want to learn these same things. This is great for anyone who has had problems with their doctors. I know that there will always be some doctors who will refuse to alter their way of thinking or doing things. People like this are very well known to people w/E. We see people who refuse to change their negative feeling towards people w/E no matter what facts are shown to them.
The best book that I have ever found that tells things about as 'matter of factly' as you can get is 'Epilepsy 199 Answers' by Andrew Wilmer MD FACP FAAN. This book was written with the help of a person w/E, so it gets into the 'real' facts when it answers a question!

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Old 03-09-2016, 11:26 AM
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great article and when I get printer I will print it off.
My son doc and he can be dismissive of Internet googling your illness he and many other doc say why do you still end up coming to doc who had 6yrs training as the doc googling it himself...I have learnt a lot about e from here which docs never had clue about and no one expects them to know everything. We all come from different parts of the world so things will be different and doc and other professionals should be open minded to different views of things.I uk and docs are restrained into NHS rules (from observations often superior to U.S treatment)but unlikely Uk nurologist would be so candid publicly proberly due to docs being frank and candid in the not so far past about other things many lost jobs for being that
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