1. M

    Correlation between ADD and epilepsy in EEG in child

    I'm mother of a girl (soon will be 6 years old), which lately had certain health issues: vertigo, dimming of vision, weakness, headaches very rare, in case she gets scared of conditions above her lips go whiter (you can notice when fear manifests on her face), she is often stares, but she is...
  2. mylo

    previous diagnoses anyone?

    has anyone else been diagnosed with ADD or a personality disorder prior to their EEG/epilepsy diagnosis? any other prior diagnosis? just wondering, thanks :)
  3. S

    daughter with no known reason for developmantal delays

    Hello. I am new to this site. I joined because I have a thousand questions and then some on the possibility of my 9 year daughter having absence seizures. Is it possible that this could be the reason for her difficulty in learning when I am sure she is smart enough to learn things yet she is...
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