1. valeriedl

    Telling your neuro off

    Long story short I took a double dosage of my meds by accident on Thursday morning. I've done it before and I know that there shouldn't be any problems but I knew my neuro had said I needed to do when taking the rest of my meds during the day. It was around 9:30am when we called his office on...
  2. G

    Epidiolex effectiveness?

    My neuro just floated the idea of trying Epidiolex to reduce the number of absence seizures I'm having. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  3. AndrewIrish


    Hey all - I have been taking Briviact for a little over a ear now and had questions if others had same experience as me. I switched from Keppra to Briviact due to Keppa Rage issues and My neuro said Briviact was new version of Keppra without rage. It has worked wonderfully. I dont believe I...
  4. A

    Briviact - Lashing Out

    Hi. Name's Christopher, 48 year old from Australia. Been a member for a while though don't use service much, only when I need other peoples experiences and not information provided on a bit of paper or from a doctors mouth. Suffered uncontrolled seizures now since a 13 year old, been on pretty...
  5. S

    Experience with Briviact (brivaracetam)?

    Hi everyone -- In my mental haze over the past four years, the existence of this forum slipped my mind. I'm so happy to have found it again! I'm not sure if background is necessary, but a quick one: my seizures started in 2013 out of nowhere at the age of 32 (several a day). Ever since, I've...
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