1. B

    Epilepsy Surgery: A Success Story

    When I was 22, I was in a state of near-constant seizing. It was terrifying, but I opted for surgery to control my seizures. I wrote an article for MTV about it - I encourage you to check it out. :) It's called "Leap Into The Unknown" on the MTV Voices UK website (though I am Canadian and had...
  2. LynnW

    Lemonade anyone?

    NOTE From the Moderator: This thread is not intended to offend people with Epilepsy at all. If you are finding this offensive please do not read this thread. ======================================= I'm usually a "glass half empty" sort of a person, but I have lately been trying really hard...
  3. F

    Inspiring news, stories, articles

    Hi all! I'm new to the board but have been reading many of the ways epilepsy affects your own lives. Iand I have been living with epilepsy for over 16 years now. It has taught me a lot about life and I always love when I hear others stories about how it has affected theirs in a POSITIVE way...
  4. BuckeyeFan

    HERO Stories

    Hero Stories First, I wish to thank all of the caregivers on this site who are someone’s Hero in the fight against epilepsy. As most of you know, I think the world of you. I would like to start a thread for those of us with epilepsy who have a Hero in our lives. A brief ‘Thanks’ is more than...
  5. Bernard

    Inspiration thread

    This thread is for posting stories, anecdotes, images, etc. that you find inspirational when your down...
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