mail order pharmacies

  1. momof3boys

    Sorry, but I have to vent about my mail order pharmacy!

    I am seriously about to lose it with this stupid mail order pharmacy I go through! I so wish we could walk into our local pharmacy and get a 3 or 6 month supply like we use to be able to! Now, we can only get a 1 month supply at our local pharmacy, and any 3 or 6 month supply has to be ordered...
  2. Bernard

    Mail order pharmacies

    One of our current sponsors is a Canadian pharmacy that offers medications to folks in the USA. They said the response to their ad campaign was less than they expected and they asked me: So I figured an anonymous poll might be the best way to find out. Feel free to post your thoughts here in...
  3. MajorT

    Canadian Pharmacy

    Does anyone use a Canadian Pharmacy to get there prescriptions filled? Lamictal is A Lot cheaper on an online pharmacy that I found. In fact its about 50% less. The pharmacy is licensed and regulated and the lamictal is not a generic form.
  4. A


    If you allow my advice, stop giving richness to multinational enterprises and buy generic drugs, they have exactly the same ingredient as brand names. I found the following Indian pharmacy ***censored*** some months ago, which works very well and ships the medicines to any country for only $10...