neurobehavioral therapy

  1. Literophile

    "Putting off" seizures?

    Is it possible? I know if I take a nap or counteract an aura (rubbing my left arm or holding a certain pressure point) I can divert one. Any other ways you've found effective? Also, when I divert a seizure for a few days, I've found it makes it worse when it actually happens, and the auras are...
  2. BuckeyeFan

    Can you stop a Simple Partial?

    Though I have my Tonic-clonic seizures under control, I still have issues with concentration/focus, memory, energy, etc... One issue I am having more often is twitching or flexing of muscles in different parts of my body. This most often effects my extremities. I believe it also tends to...
  3. D

    Hello - control your auras

    Hi there. I am new here and hav had epilepsy for the past 3 years. My seizures hav been generally controlled. I am on lamictin and epillim and recently i tried removing epillim and switching to monotherapy. That didnt work, i had my first grand mal since 18 months. I always get an aura before a...
  4. LynnW

    Can thoughts trigger seizures?

    Sometimes certain thought patterns make me feel odd. Like I better stop thinking about it right away. Example: this morning I was telling my daughter about a weird dream I had last night, and when I got to a certain part, I felt bad, kinda weird at the pit of my stomach. Not an aura, but like...
  5. John-Forrest

    Has anyone ever succeeded in stopping an imminent seizure from coming on?

    I'm just curious if anyone has found this possible. I read this heartening book "Epilepsy: A New Approach" which says the author spoke to persons who managed to do this. (Such as just tell it to back off or something.) I'd be curious to know if anyone has managed to do this and what...
  6. TeeTees

    Can you 'will' on a seizure ?

    I've had an 'okay' day Today - no seizure Yesterday (hallelujah !), and so far none Today. However, with it being Friday I am soooo wanting to finish work that it tends to appear to be a looooong day as I'm wanting the weekend to be here. Well, I left work and got home. As soon as my 'relief'...
  7. Zoe

    "Unkindling," Behavior Mod for Seizure Control

    While the kindling model presents an idea of how seizures can develop, behavior therapy offers a lot of options for learning to undo the damage and improve seizure control. This excellent article on using behavioral strategies gives a very good overview on how behavior modification can be...
  8. John-Forrest

    Eye movement: possible prevention of seizures?

    I am trying to do a research here about a possible connection between eye movement and seizures. There is a treatment called NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) that trains people to have more control over their brains by moving their eyes in a particular direction. Ex., if you look to left...
  9. John-Forrest

    Has anyone used will-power to stop a seizure?

    I am wondering if anyone has managed to stop a seizure by some form of will power? I've heard of people who do it by, say, focusing on some other part of their body. (Like, focus on your left big toe & it'll go away.) I know for myself my seizures start with a high pitched ringing in my right...
  10. D

    Andrews/Reiter Epilespy Research Program Many of you might find this website interesting.