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  1. N

    [Research] Potential benefits of Omega-3s for memory and learning

    The study at the link below indicates that a diet high in corn syrup and low in Omega-3s might hamper memory and learning skills (compared to a diet high in Omega-3 and low in processed sugars). There are many caveats with this study (it was done with rats, for one thing), but it does suggest...
  2. RobinN

    [Research] Western Diet doubles the risk of ADHD diagnosis

    One study
  3. JanieNut

    Omega 3 added to Food - Allergy Warning

    Ok - I know I have mentioned that I am allergic to sea food. But I really want to help my brain to function better. I found a new item at the grocery store - string cheese with Omega 3 – Fish Oil is great for the brain right? Maybe they figured out a way to put it in cheese without the fish...
  4. Bernard

    Chia Seeds - Super food for all diets?

    I was reading about these seeds in a newsletter from our local vitamin store and was pretty amazed that I had not heard about this Aztec staple food before. Check it out: Chia Seed - Ten Benefits from this Power Food and Brain Food Chia -- Science Agrees Seed Is the Perfect Food There...
  5. Bernard

    Omega-3 Fatty Acids - docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)

    Patients with Uncontrolled Epilepsy Have Low Levels of Fatty Acids
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