1. HumbleDeer

    Bruges atmosphere pics

    Hey! I'm sharing my pictures from Bruges from the past weeks or months. Give y'all something nice to look at :) Some from around the end of summer, or halloween, or just pics! They are all mine. I like taking pics. Same horses, different weather Pictures from the day the basement flooded. I...
  2. brain

    New Album Up - Have you done yours?

    With many new members, once you've meet the posting criteria, CWE members have the golden opportunity to post albums. For those who had contacted me; I have a new one up now: Photographic Express Just click on the image and it will take you to the latest album and/or click on my User Name and...
  3. Shutterbabe

    6 Month Seizure Free Anniversary!!!!!!!

    :rock:Hello, Today is a landmark anniversary for me. I am 6 month's seizure free for the first time in 5 years!!!!! I have been on this site often in the past and all your kind support has helped me through my darkest moments. I am eternally grateful for everyone here who communicated & shared...