psychogenic seizures

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    Hello, I have been diagnosed with a seizure disorder for a little over two years. I have generalized tonic clonic, complex partial, simple partial, and absence. Unfortunately, most of the EEGs have come back negative. My neurologist thinks I have psychogenic non-epileptic seizures. I am confused...
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    Employer keeps calling 911 when I have a seizure. Is this standard for most jobs?

    I have been diagnosed with psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES), after having 4 normal EEGs. Two were 30 mins, one was a 3-day take home test and the last one was a 5 day VEEG. All were normal. I had a normal MRI as well, but it was 6 mos. after they started I have anywhere from 1-6...
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    To those with psychogenic seizures

    I was diagnosed with psychogenic seizures in July (the 20th, my birthday). Since then I have been on the annoying course of finding my self a new, decent, affordable, long term psychologist. I have been through the local free mental health system, I have a list of people to call and the free...
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