seizure triggers

  1. E

    Seizures and...Solar and Geomagnetic Activity?

    This is going to sound crazy, but I'm hoping those having seizures will consider the possibility and give it some serious thought, especially those who keep 'seizure diaries'. Those of you who keep seizure diaries can actually go back in your records to see if certain solar and/or geomagnetic...
  2. brain

    Hot or Cold Weather / Climates - Seizure Triggers?

    This Poll is Open Forum and Public; I notice the original poll (which was one of CWE's earliest Polls) apparently vanished and most likely due to the change of servers that CWE has progressed - because CWE HAS GROWN! :tup: HERE WAS THE ORIGINAL QUESTION: Does Hot Weather or Cold Weather...
  3. RanMan

    Does high altitudes and/or flight effect your Epilepsy?

    I was recently on a vacation and ever since I got off the plane to my destination, my balance, coordination and gait have been really bad, far worse than normal. I'm wondering if the change in altitudes and air pressure has had some sort of effect on my meds or my Ep. I checked on several other...
  4. R

    Getting to know your triggers

    A lot of people who are newly diagnosed with epilepsy don't know exactly what triggers a seizure. So when you are coherent enough to do it, ask yourself these questions: 1-What was I doing prior to the seizure? If you can pinpoint your activities, you may just find that you can identify a...