17 years on Tegretol, switching tomorrow to Keppra

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I've been on Tegretol for a long while now, and I'm doing a slow switch over to Keppra (over two months), and although I heard great things about Keppra, at least compared to Tegretol, and I don't know if anyone has any recommendations?
Hi Hoobinkz,

I was on the medicine roller coaster, now i feel like i have one that has the least side effects for me. Sometimes combinations of medicine need to be taken. I've never been on Tegrotol, but i know keppra has some issues with some people. I for one had issues with it. Just take it slow and see how it affects you. If you don't feel right or notice thing are not working well on one med, then ask the doc to change it.

What is the reason you are switching meds? All i have to say is thank God we have a wide selection of medications. Although i don't recommend switching if one has worked well for a long time, because who knows if the newer med is better or worse. Only one way to find out though.
Hey there,

I was on Dilantin for bit, was ok, was told about some side effects, they switched me over to KEppra, I don't know for sure, but be cautious!!!! I am not for certain, since I am slowly getting off of it as we speak, but I got extremely emotional, more short tempered, took things to the hears, I honestly got to a point of not liking my life!! I am not that kind of person! Keppra I have been told can do wonders for some people, but you know your own body! IF you for a second start to feel off, sad, bummed out, alone, get off immediatley!!! Your doctor may want you to try to get used to it, but I strongly advise to get off! I thought I could ge tused to it, I got worse... Just remember, you know your body !!! If its working, then Awesome!!!! Yay!!! But just be careful.. I am off now, but not fully feeling like myself, but I do think I'm doing much beter.. Best of luck, and Why, does your doc want to switch oyo after all these years? Just curious, I wasnt' on anything for a while, so not surre...
:) Take care!!!
Hi Hoobinkz,

I've been on Tegretol for since is was 18. I'm pushing 50 now. So a long time. I am also on Keppra at the same time. Can i ask are your seizures controlled with the Tegretol? Mine were completely controlled untill last year. I was Put on Keppra and Lomotrigine in January and have worked up to the target dose on both. I wont lie to you The Keppra makes me very moody and emotional. I've also had suicidal thoughts and was hospitalized for them. I've never had that with Tegretol. I believe everyone handles the side effects differently. My best advise is take your time during the switch. You will have withdrawals from the Tegretol. There are a lot of other CWE members on Keppra and have been on it a lot longer than I hopefully they will chime in also.

Good luck on the switch

Everyone reacts differently to meds, Keppra has the nickname 'Kepprarage' because it is known to cause depression. There are members on here who have taken Keppra & experienced Kepprarage so they may be able to help more.

I've been on Tegretol since 2002 & Keppra since 2008, I haven't too many side effects with either meds & I am lucky as I haven't had any issues with Kepprargae. My seizures are currently well controlled as I have been seizure free since 2011.

In March last year my neurologist was able to slowly wean me of my meds, we decided to take me of the Tegretol which was a very slow process.
My neurologist started by reducing my Tegretol from 400mg (AM & PM) to 200mg (AM & PM) & I stayed on that dosage for 12 months.
When I saw my neurologist in March this year we began the final stages of getting me of the Tegretol. We started by stopping the AM dosage of Tegretol but I had to stay on the PM dosage for a month. I am now able to come of the PM dosage of Tegretol & last night I took what I hope to be was my last Tegretol tablet :).

Good luck with the med change, hope it runs smoothly & you don't have to many issues.
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