Anyone else feel this before a seizure?

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I am new to the Forum. I had my first seizure in May. It was out of the blue. I was laying on my bed webcamming with my boyfriend who was in Afghanistan.
The EMT's came and I was admitted to the hospital for 3 days. I had abnormal readings on my EEG in my front left lobe, and they found a lesion in my brain during my MRI. That's when they started me on Kepra. After a few months of being told tons of different things, I was cleared from Multiple Sclerosis, which they thought I had because of my brain lesion.
I haven't had a seizure since, but the one I did have was very violent, and honestly I am not eager to experience it again.
Lately I have been feeling really lightheaded and like there is something wrong. The back half of my head feels off, and I am having a difficult time with spelling and I was before I had my seizure. Everything feels pretty off. I haven't felt this before, and I dont know if this how I felt right before the seizure because I dont remember like 30 minutes prior to having it.
I am curious if anyone else has symptoms like this prior to having anytype of seizure? If you do, what are some things that help you to know when it's coming and what are some thing s that can help avoid it, if there are any?
Any info you guys have would be very helpful!
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Hi Skyler, welcome to CWE!

It can be tough to distinguish between what may be a seizure symptom, or what may be a side effect of either the seizures or the meds, or something else entirely. That said, the cognitive issues you describe may be a kind of Simple Partial seizure. Simple Partials can take all sorts of forms, including sensory disturbances, autonomic changes, and speech and memory difficulties. Simple Partials seizures can sometimes progress into a full-blown tonic-clonic (convulsions and loss of consciousness), -- if this happens then it is then called an aura.

I recommend that you let your neurologist know about the sensations you are having. If the sensations and cognitive issues are occurring more frequently and/or lasting longer, that may be a sign that your medication needs to be adjusted. It can help to keep a seizure/symptom diary where you make a note of anything that feels odd.

It can be difficult to stop a seizure when it's coming on. Some folks have found that breathing exercises help. You may find some ideas in the threads below:

It can also help to identify triggers (if any) and be proactive with your general health. More info here:

The feeling your having could be from the medication. You can't live your life in fear. Don't let the fear stop you from doing anything. Relax and don't worry yourself to death. Let life flow and do everything you want to. You may never have another one. If you do you do. One day at a time. One moment at time. You can worry about the future because it hasn't happen yet. Can't change the past it happened already. If you feel strange just be aware and relax as much as possible get somewhere sit down take a moment to relax or focus on something else like read an article or do sometime to get your mind focused on something else. Talk to someone helps and maybe it will pass. I hope this helps.
Welcome Skyler!
Sorry that you had that happen to you, but glad that you can join us! LW6279 is right. Don't let fear keep you from living a normal life. My seizures are still not controlled, but I work a 40 hour week and do anything else I feel like doing. Just keep it in the back of your mind, and if you start to feel strange or like something may happen, find a place to sit and relax for a while. I find it easy to do, and it can get me out of house cleaning on the weekend *wink, wink*
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