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In light of another thread I thought have book club page we try keep concentration on what we read

I start ball rolling.last book I read was street cat called Bob.I true story cat still alive and goes busking with owner.this cat adopted its owner a down and out heroin addict.
The cat was poorly when he laid in front of guys hostel the guy had to rally himself take him vets treat his sores then he had to choose between cat food and heroin cut long story this cat brought this guy up to point done degree and film is being made.
it best feel good factor book I ever can see him on YouTube just type in street cat called Bob...
it be good we could choose our own book or get someone to name one read it at critercise it after please not war and peace did give shades of grey ago but bad writing bad I got bord
Are you meaning write a short summary/review of a book we are reading that we like? I think this is a good idea!
Great idea!
My book club just read this one.
[ame=""]The Light Between Oceans: A Novel - Kindle edition by M.L. Stedman. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @[/ame]

It takes place in Australia just after the war and is the story of a returning veteran who gets married and takes a job as a lighthouse keeper on a very remote island on the south western shore. He and his wife are the only people on the island except for a monthly supply boat.
The guy is suffering from what we would now call PTSD and his young wife is devastated when it turns out she can't have children.
Then one day she finds a rowboat washed up on their rocky crag with a dead man in it and a live baby. This is just after she had a horrible miscarriage so she feels compelled to adopt the child and tell everyone it is hers even though the child might have parents somewhere.
Of course there is a mother looking for that child but I won't spoil the ending for you.
sounds good may give it ago

I just picked up book by laura Purcell(she signed it)mistrest of the court..IT HISTORICALnovel set in1712 ABOUT WOMAN CALLED henriatta howard who married to nasty man but king George wants her for mistress and she friend of Queen Caroline.Got read it later.
not shouting computer poccessed by devil again
I finish my book and if anyone like historical novels it very good 8 out of 10.
Although it's not a book more booklet I started reading it called' philosophy now'it not sort of thing read in one hour as most magazine are it take about month read on and off that why it monthly.Subject this week is free will last month it was humour..These booklets /magazines are very good if want to have argument discussion only draw back you got find someone to have it with
I three quarters through book philameaner and just put tv Philomeaner was on so watch last bit on tv
Well worth a read on see film if can't read the book.philomemeaner one of the magdelin girls who got pregnant her baby taken off her sent a America.A journalist discovered her story and between them they try track him down.The nuns had deliberately burned all documentation.She was told he did not know about her but he did he died of AIDS before they met and the twist he had found out about her but nuns refused tell him so when he died he had himself buried in place he last saw philameaner.
Journalist and her travelled all over Irland Britain and America and her son in the end came back to her but sadly dead.
The Catholic Church like many religions were pure evil at the time at least the nuns were
Well that post reads like mud keep doing it and I master this iPad.Why it changes right spelling and grammar to wrong is mystery.wretched thing is evil
Reading Starman there bit about Angie written only from quotes from David and personal friends.David Bowie although did not like bits of this David could do nothing because most of it in public arena?

It is intelligent book and as Bowie says it ch changes when another writer took over .mostly written by Paul trunks
A non Bowie fan could read it get full enjoyment as a Bowie granny groupy
Book Answering Questions About E

I have read many books, but the best one I have found to anwer questions about E is 'EPILEPSY 199 answers' by Andrew Wilner. This is a book written by a doctor and a patient so it really gets into the true facts of E, IMO.

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