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When I took German in high school we weren't aloud to speak anything but German once we walked through the class room door. If we didn't know what the word was in German then we had to say 'wie sagt man' which translated to English meant 'how do you say' pretty fast. One time when I was saying something to our teacher I told him F*** you in German! The class started laughing and the teacher lowered his head shaking it saying " Oh, Fräulein" (Oh Miss}. Someone told me what I'd said and I was so embarrassed. Luckily I was the worst one in the class so the teacher knew I didn't say it on purpose!

That's brilliant. My boss speaks Afrikaans so I can't get away with anything like that but it does make for some great lost in translation conversations
Oh that made me laugh Valerie!

I picked up french really easily but it was an optional class up til the end of 3rd year, so i only did it from the age of 11 to 14. After that i think i switched it for a technology. I would know just enough to get by now, but would learn again pretty quickly, i seem to pick up languages fairly fast. I should put that to use and actually make an effort to learn something haha.
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