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I know that there was a long thread on this but it's quite old and I think a lot has changed since then.

I guess that I am "officially" speaking with people who have medical cards and live in states with medical marijuana dispensaries and laws....

For about a year I've had a tincture of THCA (the acidic non-decarboxylated version off the THC that we've spent more or less most of our lives - depending on our aging factor - in order to get stoned [sheesh! 40 something years!) that I use as a rescue when I start to feel weird in any way.

I take a CBD capsule every morning and who knows if it helps or not - when I've gone without it I know that I'm much more anxious.

Just recently I had a bunch of partials when I started Paxil and a couple even before that. Sometimes there just isn't enough time to take the tincture once I have the first symptom (someone speaking Portuguese.) So I'm looking for something long acting that isn't clonazepam, which my doc just ordered.

Unfortunately, THCA turns to THC with age and heat and I don't want to be stoned in any way (THCA - no psychoactive effects; THC - psychoactive effects.) I could make a smoothie. I'm considering making some raw "cookies." We grew a few plants but I don't know what it is. Ought to get it analyzed.

There are several low THC indica strains that the dispensaries recommend - Things that have 1:1 CBD/THC, that supposedly the CBD overplays the THC. Guess it depends on the indica vs sativa and different strains within that.

There are several strains that are popular (Charlotte's web) and others that are recommended - OG Kush, Pink Kush, Blue Dragon, White Widow.... - for preventing seizures. They are all indica but I don't know which ones are 1:1. I should go back to the dispensary and ask more about it.

I've tried OG Kush and it's pretty mellow but I wouldn't want to go see patients while I'm on it....

I just bought a couple of things at the dispensary including a 1:1 chocolate bar. I can only hope that it's good chocolate for a $30 chocolate bar!

Anyway, I'm wondering if others have any experience of using other than just CBD both for depression/anxiety and seizures. (I keep saying that the worst part about all this is getting off of the antidepressant that lowers seizure threshold - just to go on one that has much less risk of causing seizures and having 2-5 partials on a couple of days just as I started it!)

Learning a lot.....
Thanks for anyone who knows more, is using it.
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