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Heavy Kevy

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I was having a wonderful Sunday morning raking leaves in the yard. I heard church bells in the distance. Felt like it was a bell reminding me to keep going. With an odd feeling of nostalgia, and season’s changing.
A “reset” for the week ahead.
I was raised catholic but I am not a religious man. I’d like to start going to a church. If only to have a consistent event just for me.
I’m definitely getting more philosophical 🧐
It’s amazing what certain sounds can do for us. I really like to hear train whistles in the distance (though probably not so much if they went through my backyard).

I'm not particularly religious, but I am fond of church music. I think if I were to seek out a weekly event for me it would be some sort of music group.
I have 2 churches near me so I often hear church bells on Sunday's and when I was in my teens I lived near a train station
and I would hear the train whistle blowing along with the train heading down the track. At first I couldn't sleep but then
I got used to it. Now my husband has a antique grandfather clock and the chimes ring every 15 min. it's over 100 yrs. old
and it was passed down in the family. When he first got the clock I couldn't sleep at all because the chimes always ringing
and then every hour and half hour the clock would ring but after awhile I got used to it also.

I grew up Baptist and since I can't drive I watch sermons on tv.

Wishing you only the best and May God Bless You,

Our Masjid has classes for the kids every week on Sundays during the schoolyear. My husband and I help, & plan to continue even after my younger son is done with high school. For me, it's a great way to get out on regular basis and really see/mingle with other people. I've made a lot of friends, & they all understand my epilepsy.
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