Cluster Seizure?

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Heavy Kevy

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I apologize if I’m flooding the board this week.

My two episodes last weekend were quite different from my normal pattern.
1. I was awake!
2. Zero emotional awfulness after (that’s huge)
3. Different fatigue after
4. Stress wasn’t the trigger, I was in the middle of a bad head cold.
5. Didn’t have any kinda manic episodes prior
6. They were roughly 24 hours apart (very rare)

I haven’t heard from my Dr yet. I should probably just get off google.
Thanks everyone!
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7. Told I was responding to questions much quicker than usual

Boston Celtics start in a hour. I promise to put the phone down. 😅
Hi Heavy Kevy,

I would often have clusters of seizures when I had a cold or was sick in any other way my Dr. told me it was
do to the cold med I was taking which was Alka Seltzer cold plus but then I started taking Aleve for cold and flu
and I didn't have the cluster of seizures anymore. I hope you are feeling better. Wishing you only the best and May
God Bless You!

clusters are no fun, what can be even worse is to be in a docters office is and see a sympatheic seizure from the pheromones we can give off. lots of triage nurses tend not to rush us until they have caused something like that.
This cluster pattern has been consistent sense May. Unfortunately they’ve been more frequent recently. I have an awareness when it’s done which is new. Completely different attitude, psyche.
I know a lot has to do with the antidepressant I started last year. I wish I tried one Ten Years ago.
95% of my seizures had been nocturnal and would exhaust me for days. I was a different person.
Problem now is they happen when I’m awake (keep falling). But my recovery time is minimal.
I’m slowly getting use to my aura so I have been able to lay down a few times 👍.
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