Days last couple months going downhill!

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Life has really been good for the last 10 years in that I merely have had 2-3 complex seizures per month. Here a couple months ago I had a TIA (transient ischemic attack, or as some call it, a mini stroke). Right after that my complex seizures have gotten more frequent and harder in what I call slipping from this world; I see this world from a distance. And it really sucks coming back as I can not be a part of any conversation for a period of time. On top of this, I have lost a chunk of balance, off and on now, never knowing when.

So now my work has sent me home stating I cannot come back unless my full balance returns… I work wood products with larger nail gun shooter, lifting 50-75 lbs and often use a fork lift, so I do understand the issue. Sad!

Gone to several regular drs, a Stroke Dr., and a heart doctor who decided he had to clear an artery by putting in a stent and somehow clearing a blood vessel with no stent needed.

Yes, the last couple months has really shot stress and depression incredibly high. Yesterday still in hospital, the heart dr came to talk to me about how well he feels the surgery went, and that was a plus. But venting here, that makes me feel better tonight!

Hi cadsgj,

I know what you are going through my husband had cancer surgery last yr. along with caryatid artery surgery and he has
lost his balance and has fallen a few times. Thank goodness the cancer is gone.

What helped my husband was just keeping busy so he had less time on his hands to think of the negative things that have
happened to him along with taking better care of himself.

Your job sounds really interesting I always found watching people use heavy equipment fun to do.

Just keep your chin up and see if you can get a job working at home if you are interested in that.

I wish you only the best and May God Bless You,

My FIL has a stent and had it replaced not too long ago. My father has had a few TIAs and they are serious events. In his case, he needs to manage his blood pressure so he doesn't have any more.

It sounds like you have been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride the last few months. I hope you get things under control soon.
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