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Heavy Kevy

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A little rant for today.
I was watching YouTube videos of people building and repairing different things.
What made it look easy was that they had the right tools and supplies.
I do a lot of small projects around the house. I spend SO much more time searching for parts and tools I could use instead of the correct ones.
Part of it is being financially cheap and having expensive wonderful kids.
Another part is, you don’t spend much money if you don’t leave the house.
I’m fortunate to have family driving me around. As expected they usually have an errand to run as well. More time wasted 😒
If I could get to a store by myself when I want. It would be a heck of a lot easier and enjoyable.
My mom comes over to "get/take me out", but 99% of the time it's because there's things she needs to do. (She has health issues & prefers not to be shopping alone). I only complete any shopping I need to do in the store we go to, & never ask her to allow me to go to a certain place unless it's in the mall/plaza we're in. That's because of what happened while dropping me off one day. I asked her to stop at the drugstore drive thru (which was on the way) to pick up my meds, & she refused to, and got really angry.
My parents offer to drive me to places but I prefer to rely on them only if really necessary.

So I just get them to take me shopping when I need a big shop or need to get big things I can’t carry.
But today they were shopping so got me a couple of things for my birds when they did their shopping.

Mostly I can get around, I live near a shopping centre so will get bits and pieces and can get to my chemist to get my meds each fortnight .

If I was really stuck I’d do online shopping but I try not to do that too much
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