Do You Experience Psychic Phenomena?

Which of the following psychic phenomenon have you experienced?

  • I know who is on the phone before I pick it up (without caller ID!)

    Votes: 40 40.4%
  • I know the unknowable: I know the future, secret things about others, or other types of "knowing."

    Votes: 47 47.5%
  • My psychic "knowing" almost always turns out later to be true.

    Votes: 53 53.5%
  • I speak directly with god(s)/angels or I've heard/talked with demons.

    Votes: 14 14.1%
  • I see dead people. Sometimes I might even talk with them.

    Votes: 17 17.2%
  • I can physically affect objects, like bend spoons or move pencils.

    Votes: 2 2.0%
  • I'm electrical. Watches stop or run oddly, I short out things, lights go haywire, or I shock people.

    Votes: 26 26.3%
  • I see auras around people. I feel their vibration or frequency, or I can see into their soul.

    Votes: 34 34.3%
  • I've seen UFO's or encountered aliens.

    Votes: 10 10.1%
  • Other.

    Votes: 46 46.5%

  • Total voters

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Even Keel
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I was fascinated by the fact that the poll on auras showed the most common aura is psychic phenomenon. So let's dig a little deeper - this really is interesting. Let's hear all about it!
I don't get auras, so I miss out on some of the funkier psychic side effects. The "electrical" feeling is one I've had.
When younger and playing games at the skating rink, there was a game where you sit at a cone with a number. When that number is called you leave the rink until you are the last person standing or someone else is. I would close my eyes and see a number and that number would be called. I did not tell anyone about this. I also know what others are thinking and there motives. Peoples motives are really transparent for me. I do pick up on other peoples energies and my mood can be affected by this. While driving street lights go out when passing them at times. I get that static electric shock very often. There was a time when I met up with a friend and I saw him as a skeleton and he died that week in a motorcycle accident. I also can get real sensitive watching sappy movies or tv. I really don't watch movies as I can predict the ending after a few minutes or even the trailers. Sort of bums me out!
Phone...yep, yep. When I was younger use to know it was going to ring, that doens't happen to often anymore. I think as you get older some of it gets "damped" by all the "noise" life dumps on you, lol.

Well heck matchu...I wasn't gonna say this but people probably think I'm a freak anyway...I got the empathy thing too...picking up on other peoples energy. In some ways it is others bad. I've saved a couple of lives because of it but most of the time it makes me miserable. You can't just walk up to strangers and tell them they need to go see a doctor or something :( Its also one of the reasons I dont like to go to the hospital.

THe lives I've saved:

When I lived in NC i was standing in the kitchen and all of a sudden my knees buckled and I thought I was going to pass out...I ran to the bathroom and got sick and my head was swimming. It was intense to say the least but I KNEW it wasn't me. I called my was the first person that popped into my head, and asked her if she was sick. She was in terrible shape and started describing to me what was going on...I yelled at her to call an ambulance and get to the hospital NOW...she refused. Thank goodness one of her friends was with her...I talked to her and got her to take my mom to the hospital and hung up the phone. SHe was on teh verge of going into a diabetic coma...her blood sugar was over 800. This is when she was diagnosed as a diabetic.

I walked by my bosses' husband one day and my heart rate shot up and I suddenly felt nauseaus and flushed and out of breath. I started to walk past but turned around and asked him if he was okay...he waved me away. I walked down the aisle away from him but circled back around and went up front and told my boss I didnt think her husband was feeling or looking very good...she took him to the hospital...he had a heart attack while there, received the proper medical attention and any damage was minimized.
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Me and my mother are very electrical. Watches never work for more than an hour or two, and we go through household electrical stuff like you wouldn't believe.

Perhaps too much natural static electricity?
Perhaps too much natural static electricity?

I have the same problem, blew up a computer once!

As to auras, I don't get them or better put I don't remeber getting them. However, I have experienced many of the "unusual" things in my life including precognition. I think my fav on the freaky scale is when my daughter and I dream together.
At the risk of everyone thinking I'm nuts, because lots of people without epilepsy read this forum, and they just don't understand or "get it"....

I think that epilepsy is how extra skills and senses have been delivered to us. It is not a brain disfunction. This part is a brain enhancement. If only I could keep this part of epilepsy and ditch the rest. When the extra skills and senses kick in there is usually no aura, no unpleasant side to it other than sometimes I'm extra tired/energy drain.

If a person is within about 3 feet of me, I can feel their frequency or vibration. They feel like music to me - like it feels to have your hand on a stereo speaker but I feel it through my whole body. Everyone's energy feels different. I can tell a lot about them and their personality just by feeling their "vibe." And it almost always turns out to be accurate. It has come in very handy. It's beautiful in a crowded room, like a symphony of everyone's energy together, though I can only actually feel those who are right next to me. Some frequencies blend beautifully, like sails singing in the wind. Some clash in an abrasive-feeling chord, like a kid pounding his fist on the piano.

True or untrue, I've come to believe that a person's true soul isn't identified by their spoken name, it is identified by their energy. They take that with them wherever they go. A spoken name is just for here and now.

The phone - yep.

I can also help people with simple physical problems, like swelling, headache, different kinds of pain. I can tell where someone hurts without them telling me. I don't have to touch them, just get really close to them, and stay that way for about 3-5 minutes. So it's not good with total strangers, it has to be someone who is comfortable enough to have me close with no explanation of why. I don't tell them what I'm doing; since there is no touching no explanation is necessary. Afterwords I ask them how they are feeling, and they usually have specifics about how they are feeling better and what's gone away. All they know is they feel much much better by the time I leave. That's all I want them to know because there would be major weirdness if they knew I had helped out. Plus, I can't do it on command - it has to be a quiet gift with no pressure. Wish I could eliminate the underlying problem for them. Guess I haven't really tried, or haven't tried enough. I wonder what we could all do if we trained ourselves?

I can tell if someone is going to be okay when they are sick, and if not okay, about how long it will take (weeks, months, years). I don't like this ability. I wish it would go away. So far I'm 100% accurate with aquaintences. We keep in touch so I know how things turn out. Strangers I never see again so there's no data on whether what I sensed is accurate or not.

Electrical - I've had lights turn on around me, I just thought it was a short in the electrical system. Come to think of it, I still think that. Sometimes I short out electronic devices when I touch them. And I'm notorious for making computers go wacko. At work they've had to replace several of mine - the tech guys just scratch their heads. Cell phones are the exception. For some reason they've all been okay around me.
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I have done a tonne of creepy things in my life. so prepare for this to be long.

Just this morning I wanted to call in sick today because I had a seizure Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I called in yesterday and I still feel terrible today, but got this nagging thought that they need me. sure enough my controller called in today. she's at the hospital for her gall bladder.

I had predicted several peoples deaths. and not saved a single one. my grandma being the first one at age 9. then my new next door neighbour shortly after that. he came in to meet us, him and his wife, and it looked like his face was liquidy and melted and he was all blue and didnt blink. I freaked out yelling that he's dead. and my mum just told me to quit being rude and go to my room. he had a heart attack or stroke in the shower that night and died. the hot water had burned his face so bad it melted.

I have predicted major disasters and I have solved murder cases. particularly the latest too are Tori Stafford and Jessica Lloyd. I knew they were dead as soon as I read they were missing. and I even knew where to find the bodies and who killed them. But I rarely have the guts to tell anyone before hand.

Electrical things freak out around me. I went to a freinds place and her fire alarm would go off each timeI got frustrated at the game we were playing. I can never get microwaves to work. they always blow a breaker. Light bulbs have burnt out, streetlights turn off, watches die, and cars stall. *sucks to be the people driving me& I shock lots of people. all the time My cell phone always frezes or turns off. I take it in and they say its fine. The elevator doors open for me without touching the button and they are not motion detected.

I am very empathetic. I'm not sure if its because I can pay attention to detail no matter how small or because I can really just "get inside someones head". I can tell when something is wrong even when the person is having fun and laughing and not thinking about what is wrong.

I am good at the "mind reading" games. where you have cards upside down and you have to guess if its a star. heart, X or waves and then check your answer after. I can always guess something before it happens. phone rings, or when I can expect an email
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I think that epilepsy is how extra skills and senses have been delivered to us. It is not a brain disfunction. This part is a brain enhancement. If only I could keep this part of epilepsy and ditch the rest. When the extra skills and senses kick in there is usually no aura, no unpleasant side to it other than sometimes I'm extra tired/energy drain.

i sooooooooo agree with you there!
before i realized that i was having seizures.. i totally that i was just extra special & gifted, and that my brain was just a little bit more advanced then everyone elses (haha). i'm not sure why i started to feel the opposite, like i'm messed up, after the doctor told me there's something weird going on. i think you make an awesome point. besides all the negative parts of epilepsy, obviously, there are times when i think we just have extra special brains hehe :) and the negative parts may just come along with it because maybe our bodies aren't really prepared to have the extra abilities, like precognition & what not. okay i'm done ranting now!!! lol
I agree though endless.

I think that Epilepsy opens another gateway. They always say that you have 5 main senses and then your "gut feeling" "intutition" "Instinct" "spidey sense" and that when a seizure opens the floodway all that comes pouring out. and its alot more than just a feeling, its a knowing. and a responding to the world around you and it responds back.

I am really big into everything working as one. everything has energy and that energy is availble to everyone who is open to it.
Frankly, I don't like it :( I don't enjoy being sucked in by it so I block it as much as possible and try to avoid situations that would make it "unavoidable".

I try not to touch people or look them in the eye for too long.

I can't stand to be in a hosptial for very drove me nuts when I had to have my appendix removed and was stuck for 5 days.

I am "invisible" on all of my instant messengers because I have a friend whose "need" sucked me in and I went on an unavoidable, uncontrollable ramble. Now, all she want is for me to continue to "predict" her future. I believe we all control our futures though the choices we make...I've told her this, I've also told her that her need isn't there anymore but she doesn't get it :(

As long as I have a say in it I keep things to myself...its the stuff that comes out of its own accord that I can't do anything about...there is usually a lot of cursing involved afterwards too. I've experienced some things I wouldn't wish on anyone *shiver* and lost some friends because I was just a little too "freaky" :(
Psychic Aura - Taboo subject?

Wow... all so interesting!

So many people responded in the aura poll that psychic phenonmena is the #1 most common type of aura. Yet so few people are willing to answer this poll and/or post. I'm wondering... is psychic phenomena one of the last taboo subjects, even among US? Does it make most people so uncomfortable to talk about it that they won't even post anonymously here? Or are they all so bored with that part of themselves by now it's just not of interest to them?

What's your opinion?
I completely agree about "feeling" people. Everything. Wether or not they're lying, they're hidden agendas, their personalities.

But the biggest thing for me was the mundane dreams I would get. They were so mundane just a normal day at school, and a kid or teacher would say something, then the next day at school I would see that exact same thing happen, and I would just be in awe.
I have been experiencing that a lot lately. Someone was telling me that as an artist I should paint my dreams and I almost went into explaining that I can't distinquish my dreams from reality but it is very difficult to explain.
Endless, its taboo. People don't like it that there are some who are for whatever reason that different. I think it also scares people to think someone is out there walking around who might be able to peak inside your head and know what your are thinking.

It is what it is for me, whether I like it or not. I'm not the only one in my family who can do some of this stuff so it isn't all that odd. The telephone thing is quite comone for most of the females on my moms side, lol. The empathy on the other one else has that now.

My husband is an example of a person who it makes uneasy. He WANTED to know if anything would happen when he went to Kosovo...I was a bit off, I told him to watch out for a tank when it should have been a train (his leg was broken). He wouldn't buy a house because there was an old cemetery in the front yard...he said he didn't want ghosts coming in to talk to me or me to go out and talk to them. He DOESN'T like that I pick up on his emotions he tries to hide, that I can say a sentence at the same time he does or literally know what he is thinking. Part of that is being in tune from being married I know...but I can do it over a distance too and that is spidey sense stuff...that is when he says it is all BS.

Matchu and Cactus U...I use to have the mundane, deja vu dreams too...meds don't let me dream so much anymore. If I dream now...well, I usually can't go back to sleep because it is "disturbing".
I with you Zoofemme.

I can do some pretty strange "in tune" things. and I'm seriously, and axiously and eagerly waiting for the day *which logically cant hapen* when I can make a pencil float. tee hee use the force...
Yes, people do get uncomfortable. One of my best friends thinks I'm certified crazy, because I finally shared with her some of the things I see, hear, can do. Now that she knows I have TLE, she says it's a hallucination, not something real. Hmmph.

Then she got sick, with a breast lump. She's had massive breast cancer in the past, and is now just 4 years cancer free. She told me about the lump and upcoming biopsy, and I immediately knew it was fine, and what it was, and why she got it. And I told her. She didn't believe me. But it turns out I was 100% right. She thought it was a coincidence that I knew it was not a tumor, and what had caused it. Huh. Amazing that it happens that way with other people, too, with about 100% accuracy, all throughout the year.

She still thinks I'm wacko on this topic. If my best friend thinks this, I'm sure not telling anybody else!
anybody here ever speak in tongues during a gran mal? or as if something else is trying to speak thru your mouth? or almost several people at once are trying to communicate thru you? WOW that sounds crazy... but seriously. i think my brain is wigging out. either that or its.. somethin else?
I am unhappy to say on the Trileptal my sixth sense is gone. :(
Interesting, Endless. I would be interested to know if different kinds of epilepsy results in more psychic events than others or psychic in different ways. (I am not doubting anyone, btw.) Because right now my answer to this question would be no, but I don't think it was always that way, though always very infrequent. Do you all have TLE?
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