Embarrassing seizure actions

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A few months ago I woke up to a seizure and also had a strong urge to urinate. I was still in what must of have been a complex half-awake seizure as I went and peed in an incorrect location. In the middle I had the thought that something wasn't right about where I was going. I've never done anything like that before. I took my clonazepam and went back to bed and woke up thinking "did I really do that?" I was reluctant to go check but went and confirmed it. Anyway, I totally cleaned then went back and did some more cleaning and spraying of disinfectant. But I haven't wanted to tell anyone about it. Has anybody ever experienced anything like this? Or go ahead and share your most embarrassing and/or depressing seizures if you'd like.
My mother's told me about a time I had a complex partial while we were shopping. I fell against a display & wet myself. That was one of the first times I wet myself during a seizure.
I've pee myself during seizures several times. Sometimes when I'm coming out of the seizure I know that I've got to go so I'll go find the toilet, however the toilet isn't always the actual one. Once when I was coming out of the seizure I started walking down the hall and my parents were trying to direct me to the bathroom. But when I got to the end of the hall making a right was into the bathroom and making a left went into the office which is the way I went. I sat down on my dad's office chair and just peed, he wasn't too happy about it. I could keep on going with a list but this was a funnier one.

A pretty embarrassing one happened when my boyfriend and I first started dating. When we were sleeping I woke him up at 2am having a seizure and ended up peeing the bed during it too. He had to get up for work at 5am but we had to pull the wet sheets off the bed first so he could hopefully get a little more sleep. Luckily I had a pee pad on the bed.
My wife has been incontinent during seizures on the bed, couch, breakfast table chairs and floor. She has never been ambulatory (like sleepwalking) during a seizure, so if she is incontinent, it's going to happen wherever she happens to be when the seizure hits.
Since the first time I had it happen to me, I began wearing pads when going out. I definitely don't want to wet myself in public or when I'm at a large party or function and wearing really fancy clothes.
it had snowed enough to shut the city down a few years ago, and i was out with few friends doing deeds, like delivering food and pushing cars out of ditches and stuff. but at the end of one of days out, i woke up in the middle of a snow angel, only to realize i had pissed myself and my bicycle was still between my legs.
I was basically seizure-free from college until peri-menipausal phase started. It was a secret between me, my husband, and my neurologist. About the time when seizures decided to return, I was working packing orders for a small internet based toy shop. The work was seasonal, so when a job at the school opened for 20 hrs a week I took it as an extra job. Thing is, the school job was admissions - and admissions gets busy before Christmas. The toy shop was busy during Christmas, too. So November and December, I was exhausted but making money!
The school's teachers did a play for the students, and my husband was performing. My son was in high school at the time. We in the office were encouraged to see the play, so I went and climbed part way up the bleachers to sit with staff. The play was starting, and it was quiet at this point. I thought, "I'll just rest my head on my hands."
Next thing I know, I'm walking with some kind, concerned people who were asking me more questions than I had consciousness to answer. I think the word "ambulance" brought me to full awareness, so I could say, "No, don't call an ambulance." Lots of pats and how are you's and more attention than I like.
Mind you, none of these people knew I have epilepsy, so now that secret was out.
oh, and the kicker . . . . . . . . . my son's class had been sitting right behind me šŸ«£šŸ˜±
{Thankfully, peeing during seizures wasn't my thing, yet}
My simple partials have always seemed to be triggered by stress/tension--sometimes they'll occur while I'm under pressure/tension, other times after the issue has passed or been resolved. The complex partials, though, have no pattern or "trigger". I can just be sitting there talking to friends or be busy doing housework, & suddenly have one. Without witnesses or noting a time lapse, I'm often unaware of their occurrence. When my older son was in elementary school, I would help a lot in class activities. After I had one at his school, though, I stopped. I also had one once while just standing outside the school building when I went to pick my younger son up.
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