Epilepsy and Drinking Water

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Hello everybody my name is Steve and I wanted to share my story with you.
I suffered my first seizure when i was a year old from a whooping injection which had a dreadful side
I suffered badly with epilepsy for the next 38 years then had surgery. The surgeon told me to increase my water consumption so i did.
I started having 1 pint of water when i got up, 1 pint in middle of the day and 1 pint before going to bed on a night.
The down side of before bed meant that i often got up needing a pee. But i didnt care because thanks to the surgery and water i hadn’t had a seizure. Two years passed and i had no seizure.
Then for some reason i started neglecting the 1 pint before bed. 3 months later i had a seizure.
After this seizure i never neglected the water on a night again and went back to the original 3 pints a day. I have now not had a seizure since this odd one which happened in 2009 and am driving a car.
I strongly believe it is down to drinking 3 pints of water a day. 1 in morning when i get up 1 middle of the day and 1 last thing before bed. I am very disciplined with this now.
My reason for this post is because i was playing golf 5 months ago with someone who suffered from epilepsy so I told him what I had done and suggested that he tried the same thing.
I saw this man last week and he told me that he had now been seizure free for the last 4 months.
I am a big believer that there is something in this and suggest anybody with epilepsy should try it
Make it is just water and a minimum of 3 pints a day and 1 before bed is an absolute must
Hi Steverob,

Welcome to the forum! Just like you I have had seizures for 51 yrs. and I also had surgery to reduce my seizures.
I do know that drinking water calms the brain down and gives a person better blood flow and oxygen to the brain.

A few yrs. ago I was in a medical study called "Cold water therapy" and I had to take my temp 3 times a day at the
same time and any time I felt a seizure starting and keep track of the temp. After that I had to put a cold washcloth
on my face and the back of my neck 3 times a day at the same time and any time I felt a seizure starting up.
By doing this the professor found that my temperature went up right before a seizure happened and when I started to
put the cold washcloth on my face the seizures dropped because the cold water calms the neurons down in the brain
and that could be what's going on with you.

I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You,

Just a quick update, I saw the man I told to try this again yesterday. He told me he had done exactly what I told him to do which was 1 pint water when he got up, 1 pint middle of the day and 1 pint before bed.
He has now been doing this for 4 months and been seizure free since he started doing it.
I have now done for 15 years and been seizure free all the time.
It is such a simple thing to try for all folks who suffer seizures and is seriously worth trying. Yes you will wake up needing a pee some nights but it really is a small price to pay
Hi Steve,

I just wanted to update you I've been trying your water therapy and sticking to it since Aug. 26th and not a single seizure
and it's at the end of the month and the beginning of the new month when I have seizures but the water therapy stopped them
Thank you for all of your help and sharing this info. with everyone.

I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You,

That is great news Sue,
I am so pleased somebody else has tried it and urge anybody suffering seizures to also try it also. 3 pints of water a day will make all the difference. Apart from myself I now know of 3 others who tried it and not had a seizure since starting doing it. Please try it for your selves.
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