Epilepsy and Handwriting

Epilepsy and Handwriting

  • AEDs has improved my handwriting

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Hi Ruth I was so interested to see this in here that I felt I had to stop and reply. My problem isn't with numbers, but words. Since my second brain surgery, I am typing or writing, and then all of a sudden, I will get the letters the wrong way round in a word, the correct letters, but back to front. It started with the word THE and I noticed I was typing TEH it was driving me mad, then I noticed it with THAT, and I was typing TAHT. We don't write much these days I guess, everythings done on text or computer, kindle etc, so when I recently started some Distance Learning home study, and had to actually hand write, I thought itd be interesting to see if it happened when writing in long hand, and sure enough it did, not very often, because I am so aware of it now, but when it first started it drove me bonkers as I am pretty good at English and grammar etc, maths, nope, but I just check everything as I'm typing now. Also, I'lll be typing away and I'll forget to put a space in, or too many letters like above.
Let me know what you think as I've be interested to hear if anyone else has this problem? I had a right temporal resection. Although I'd rather have a full bottle in front of me than a full frontal lobotomy!?! XXXXXX Lotsalove to you all XXXXX
Hi Elaine, did it start after the surgery? A surgery has lots of side effects. That could be one of them.

I have not had surgery but I have the same problem with words, as well.

I do not have a text, kindle or any iPods or tablets. I am spending very little time on the computer. I have cut out TV. I am concentrating more on studying the Bible. I keep learning new things each day.

My memory is real bad and I want to concentrate on getting some of my memory coming back. The brain makes new pathways for memory. Maybe, if you try that, it will work.

I use to be good at English as well. That is all in the past now. My grammar is real bad.
Since I had surgery my handwriting is terrible. I write very small and it looks like chicken
scratch as the old saying goes. It's very sloppy. I wish I could write nice and neat like I used to. Wishing everyone well and May God Bless You!

My writing is appauling I not sure if the problem but be Gratefull if it was then I have illitment reasons as to wh that seems good idea learning music.i would take up guitar again but bad arm not allow it.I be I tresses know if others have idea
Is your writing impaired by epilepsy?

While having a seizure my handwriting is impaired considering my hands move while having a seizure
I do the same thing. It's been getting very hard to write what I'm thinking. Harder to put my sentences together. My hand writing is real bad now. Hope these doctor's figure it out! God bless you.
I cant remember how to spell words, so i fudge it a little, maeks it harder to read em, and sometimes my handwritting starts off real big and gets smaller as it goes on. it all depends on how much i have to write as well. I transpose numbers too, the answer is right but the problem is wrong.

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