Ever feel to good?

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Heavy Kevy

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Multiple times recently, and every day this week I’m only sleeping 5 or 6 hours a night. The Wonderful part is I’ve been feeling great all day. No napping getting up in the morning at the same time. It’s been a huge change from the 10 plus hours I had been sleeping. Even my phone pedometer shows me that I’ve been averaging over 3000 steps above normal.
I’m cautiously loving it.
"Every feel too good?" No, not since getting a seizure disorder...

Although, I've gone from worse to better and better to worse. It's really a roller coaster.

I'm glad that things are getting better for you! It's great to have things going good!
I knew that was a lousy subject line 🫤
You’re right, it’s a roller coaster. I was in the ER last May for Pete’s sake.
I just haven’t had a medication change affect me this much in 10 years. It concerns me how big of a change one pill can have. I wonder what/who’s in control of this thing between my ears. Thanks

I had to look it up😆
“For Pete's sake” originated as a substitute for “for Christ's (or God's) sake,” and other similar expressions—as using a shortened form of the disciple St. Peter's name instead was considered less offensive.
Sorry, wasn't trying to make fun of you >_<

Sometimes it takes me more time these days to think about the question because my memory isn't what it used to be.
Don’t apologize. You reminded me of this roller coaster I’m on. Thanks
And down we go.
Four seizures in two days. I wish there was something I could change in my life besides all the medication. 😣
When I’m feeling good I get to busy…Maybe

Rant over
Now I’m outside doing a chore I’ve been putting off for weeks. Feeling good.
Roller coaster
It’s a post seizure “clarity” I get that feels drug induced. The high I imagine addicts look for.
t’s a post seizure “clarity” I get that feels drug induced. The high I imagine addicts look for.
Maybe a bit like the feeling folks get after getting electroshock therapy for depression (which is essentially a seizure).
... I’m only sleeping 5 or 6 hours a night. The Wonderful part is I’ve been feeling great all day. No napping getting up in the morning at the same time.
Now that I'm in my 50s, that describes a normal night/day for me.
“ I experience manic episodes wherein I feel invincible. I also have episodes of crippling depression. The most dangerous episodes are mixed, presenting with unbearable sadness combined with intense anger, self-loathing, and frenetic energy”

Someone describing Bipolar 1 who used electroshock therapy.
That’s what I experienced for the last 6 days. I’m still “ticking” fast. Combine that with inability to feel physical pain, and falling multiple times. 😑

I feel I’m on to much medication. Video chat with Dr Friday.
I need to assess my GOAL’S! 😅

Thanks this place is great.
Dr visit tomorrow. I Don’t know what my goals are!
I’ve got a big rambling story to tell. After I’m going to ask what his “take away” from all my gibberish is. At this point I can only imagine the stories he’s heard from other patients. There must be some key words he’s looking for.
My seizures are less frequent but more severe and during the day. My energy level and emotional state are positive, but feel drugs are controlling these emotions. There’s no reason for me to be up this late. It’s scary when music is blissfully pumping through me and I’m laser focused whatever I’m doing.
I almost don’t want to give up that positive drug induced manic behavior.
When I first went on Lamictal there was a period of a few months here I was both hyper-focused and energized. (The kind of focus where you organize your sock drawer by color). But when my brain adjusted that side effect went away.
Dr set up another round of tests. He believes the manic behavior was the post-ictal effect and not drug related.
Feeling a little defeated.


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Is the emotional roller coaster a new experience for you? Does it only appear to be related to your seizures (post-ictal)? I ask because it took me many years and epilepsy surgery making it temporarily a hundred times worse to finally realize I have bipolar disorder. This isn’t just a self diagnosis. I see a psychiatrist and a therapist. I have bipolar ll.
I’m fairly sure it’s all seizure related. Especially after speaking with my Dr.
2 + 2 = 😑
I called the pharmacy when I opened the pills and saw they were a different color and shape. Told they were the same, just a different manufacturer.
I believe they are the generic version of Lamictal / Lamotragine

Hopefully it explains these new awful, Dangerous! break through cluster seizures.
Apparently my blood work disagrees with my theory. 🙄
Right now some Consistency would help Qualify of Life.
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