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Heavy Kevy

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Do you put your illness into consideration when making financial decisions? Particularly in regards to the future.
Sometimes I don't tend to as often as I should and over times I worry too much.

All in all, I do think it's important to consider illness within finances when planning. That surprise hospital stay or that one day something feels off and that can be thousands in the pocket at times...
Yes, I certainly do. Right now my seizures are controlled, but I can easily imagine a future where I have to pay for rides everywhere. Or where I injure myself and can’t work or stay in my place. Mostly, it means I try to be as frugal as possible, so I can keep a cushion for emergencies.
I sure do I like to have extra money on the side in case of extra medical bills or insurance changing around.
I just found out today that BCBS in no longer going to cover my husband 100% and that he has to use medicare
as his primary ins. now since I retired and then what medicare doesn't pick up BCBS will. The ins. rates always
go up every yr. for me so I make it a point to put extra money aside out of each paycheck so I have a few grand
then I also put money into my investments but they haven't been doing to good lately if you have seen the stock market.
Wishing You the best of luck and May God Bless You!

I often do--that's one of the reasons I dropped Vimpat. I'll be picking up my first actual 3-month supply of 200MG Xcopri tablets in the next day or two. I wonder how much it will cost. Some new AEDs have cost me $350 for a 3-month supply--with insurance!!
I some put money into a checking account that I use for whatever I want each month. I even have a separate savings account--that I've basically had since childhood--which I put money into each month. Currently, only I can access it--I will have my older son added to it as a beneficiary.
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