Gray matter heterotopia dr suggests surgery


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Grey matter heterotopia dr suggests surgery

Hello everyone. I have grey matter heterotopia on the left side of the brain and had seizures for twenty years now. Mine have been mostly partial and complex partial but I also had gelastic and tonic-clonic ones. I have tried a lot of combinations with a lot of medication such as tegretol, lamictal, topamax, kepra, vimpat, fycomba, zonegran, briviact but after a few months of having one or two seizures a month, my seizures would always come back with a vengeance sometimes having around 10-15 a month. So my doctor finally suggested that i should consider brain surgery. Now i am still thinking about it and i know that i have a long way ahead of me with all the medical examinations to see if i can actually go through with the surgery. And i really find it very helpful to read all the posts from everyone here that went through this or the thoughts that everybody has when it come to brain surgery, so yeah i have myself some reading to do, i really haven't read all the post yet. But i would really love to know if there is someone else with the same problem as me that had the surgery. I really would like to know their thoughts, the level of success, what exactly was the case and as many information as they could provide.
Thank you all in advance :)
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