Had my first seizure recently

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Hi, I'm Harrison and I had my first seizure about three weeks ago at age 36. None of the testing found anything so I hope that will be the only one I have.

I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this, but is there any magic solution to the issue of not being able to drive now for a number of months in terms of if you have to still get to and from work? Or is just some combination of car pools, ride shares etc?
Hi Harrison,

Welcome to CWE! I'm sorry to hear that you had a seizure and that they didn't find any area that triggered the seizure,
it could be that the damage is to deep in the brain to show. That's what happened to me. You are in the right place and
as far as driving it all depends on where you live and what the laws are there. Where I live you have to go 1 yr. without
a seizure and have a Drs. written statement saying it's okay to drive. I've never been able to drive in my life so I have
depended on my husband but if he's not around I take the gadabout which is a service for people with disabilities or
older people who just don't drive and I pay them $3.00 I just have to call them ahead of time to let them know I need
a ride. I've also taken a bus and gotten rides from friends or family but I always make sure I pay them for the gas.
I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You,

Hello. Hopefully, they'll find out what caused the seizure, and it will be your last. I understand not being able to go where you need/want to.
I've had simple partial seizures since childhood, my complex partials started about 25 years ago. I'd complain about weird feelings in my head, but they weren't recognized as seizures until one occurred during ang EEG (done after a few tonic clonics). I chose not to drive when I had a simple partial seizure right before my final behind the wheel practice in drivers ed in high school. It's made life a lot tougher, as far as going places/doing things, but I've learned to live with it. Where I live, a person needs to be seizure-free for just 6 months before regaining their license. If someone with epilepsy gets a license, the government won't know unless something happens.
Hi Harrison, welcome to CWE.

There is no magic solution for the loss of driving privilege. It's a hardship for everyone with uncontrolled seizures. There are a few solutions that might work in extremely urban areas like golf carts or Segway scooters as they have different legal requirements from motor vehicles. But if you live in the burbs and need to commute via car, you're going to need to arrange another solution.
I followed the laws and doctors recommendations. I have been seizure free 10 years. Never had restrictions but I am careful. I recently got my real ID.
I will get a Real ID, but only because it can make travel a lot easier. I currently have a state ID. That is all I've had since I was a teenager.
Here in suburban Chicago the public transportation system isn't very good. It would probably take me half a day just to get from the suburb where I live to the northern suburbs. I am glad my younger son finally has his license and can take me where I need to go, but come late August, he will be off to college.
Welcome to CWE, every state is different. In the state of Iowa it's seizure free for so many months before they will even consider the idea of letting a person obtain a driver's license. The reason I say that I am coming close to that point with my seizures and the epilepsy specialist and I have discussed this a few times. Just walking to a bus stop is a mile so all I can do is keep trying to move ahead and hope we are able to find the answers needed.

I've been able to obtain work from home projects but with the economy troubles, it has been very difficult.
I will add something. My neurologist is in AZ. I live in NM. At our next appointment I want to discuss another dose reduction in my lamotrigine. AZ law in this case is no driving in AZ for 3 months. Every state is different. I do not currently work but I did in my home state of MO. I complied with their laws. I did work but remained seizure free. My neuro there gave me the OK to go back to work in January 2019. I had at one time 3 part time jobs. Myself I complied with the laws. I was tapered completely off clonazepam and my topiramate dosage was lowered. I basically during this time kept myself at home in my apt with my Esa dog. If my current neuro in August says yes I am ready. I order online now. Once that windows opens for me- dosage reduction- I do what I need to do until the windows closes again
I'm also hoping to find some remote job. For me it will be harder--I haven't worked since my older son was barely a year old--25 years ago!!
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