Hand tremors

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Heavy Kevy

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Over the years I’ve had issues with hand tremors. Had to switch to an electric razor for safety reasons 😅
I’m currently having decent control. It amazes me when I focus I can reduce the severity. A couple deep breath’s helps. Holding heavier objects at odd angles I’m still working on.
That's great to hear! My mother goes to an OT for different hand issues, and has learned similar kinds of adaptations. She finds that warming her hands helps sometimes, and also wearing a hand brace.

On a side note: sometimes magnesium can help with tremors/muscle issues -- maybe something to try if your doc okays.
I’ve never tried any kind of hand brace. I’ll look into it.
A couple extra bananas 🍌 never hurt anyone 😉
I know I keep posting to old threads, but my comments are still relevant here.

I've had extremely bad hand tremors at times, due to stress and anxiety I think. I actually got myself Baker Acted (a Florida thing, similar to a 5150 in California) because of my tremors, and coincidentally wound up at a hospital that my outpatient psychiatrist just happened to work at. That hospital also just happened to be able to work with tremors, although it was a bit of an odd experience. I have both essential tremor AND drug induced tremors.

I take Artane for my tremors. The usual medication for tremors is propranolol, but in my case, my tremors were so extremely severe that the required dose of Propranolol would have been lethal. Propranolol lowers blood pressure because it is a beta blocker. Artane was the next drug of choice, and is actually used for treating Parkinson's disease. It helps a bit, but it also dulls my brain a bit because it can (in rare cases) cause issues with memory and clarity of thought.

My therapist actually wants to start tracking my caffeine and sugar intake to see if there's a relationship to my tremors (or anything else for that matter).
It's odd because I'll get nervous about writing something important. Maybe something that's being told to me over the phone that I need to make sure I get written right, filling out paperwork or even just signing my name at times. It will usually ease up or stop in a short time.
I have occasional hand tremors and almost spastic like movements at times; i.e. I will hit a key on keyboard sharply when I have just been typing along.
Never quite sure what is causing it, meds maybe
i had some really bad ones for a bit, i had to change meds to get better,
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