Hurricane Beryl

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Oh my. I finally got power back yesterday around 4:30pm.

I woke up yesterday 6am and there was no power. It had gone out around 3am. The wind was howling and the rain was heavy. The eye of the storm passed by fairly close and we were on the dirty (east) side of it, so we got the worst of the wind.

Mature (~30 years old) Live Oak in my front yard dropped two 10-12' branches (safely on the ground). There is a 3rd branch broken but still hanging sadly from the tree. We lost one section of our back yard fence and one downspout from our gutters was laying in our front flower bed (fully intact and not twisted/bent, so I should be able to hook it back up later).

My veggie garden in the back yard got wrecked. Frames and stuff were blown all over. Scotch Bonnet pepper plant looks completely unscathed, however, and has 4-5 peppers ready for harvest. That plant is going strong.

I got our generator out of the shed and tried to crank it up, but that was a no go. It didn't even come close to ignition. I'm guessing the fuel line is gunked up even though I had tested it (run it) a year ago. I was getting a bit concerned that we might not have power this evening and food in the fridges/freezers might spoil. 13 hours without power isn't too bad all things considered.

We also lost cell phone reception (5G internet was a no go). I guess the closest cell towers were knocked out. My son and I drove over to check on my brother (lives about 15 minutes away) and he was also very lucky with just a few tree branches lost and no major damage. On the drive, we saw a lot of fences blown down and an unbelievable amount of tree debris everywhere. Tree debris in every yard and every street. There were tree branches broken off of almost every mature tree in the area and many mature trees were just blown over (roots pointing to the sky).

Neighbor across the street from my brother had a Live Oak branch that was about 2' in diameter break. The branch had grown over the roof of the house, but because of the direction of the wind, the branch had been bent backwards towards the street, broke and fell onto the trunk of the tree. It was gnarly to look at and I would have taken a picture if I weren't concerned about my cell phone battery power. That huge branch is going to be a huge PITA to chop up and remove.

I spent about 3 hours cleaning up the debris from my front yard and I still have the two large branches to break down, but they will have to wait for another day.

I seem to recall there were a few members here also in the Houston area. I hope y'all made it through without trouble.
Glad to know you're ok. Hopefully it doesn't take long to get things straitened out and everything gets working again soon.
Hi Bernard,

Well today it's my turn here in NY we are supposed to get up to 3 inches of rain and a few tornados. I'm all set with my ham
radio and cell phone charged up but what I'm concerned about is my neighbor planted 4 pine trees right by my house and told
me he would keep them small but that was a bunch of nonsense. If the trees come down on the house today my husband and
I will be out the door for awhile. The rain and tornadoes are supposed to start at 12 pm today right through 8 pm tonight.
God Bless You,

Very glad you are OK. Is your wife OK? Learning from your experiences. Thank you. Despite my posts on here I discussed with husband about moving forward with solar panels etc. We own a nice rv 5th wheel 33ft. Take care.
... Is your wife OK? ,,,

Yes. Everyone is OK on my end, thanks. We had a small issue with the pharmacy not being able to fill one of my wife's Rx before the storm because of the insurance company requiring a full period of time between refills, but they were able to fill it in the morning on the day that she had run out so she did not end up missing a dose.

Hope you don't get any flooding @Porkette .
Hi Bernard,

Everyone here is okay but there were many tornadoes that went around us and we didn't get any rain either.
All of the hurricane went right around me but some homes not far from me were ruined with trees coming
down on the homes and trees in the streets. I was very lucky. Thanks for your kind words and May
God Bless You!

Sue glad you are OK. Not sure how the public can process all this trauma. Stay safe. Thank you for helping on this site.
Sue glad you are OK. Not sure how the public can process all this trauma. Stay safe. Thank you for helping on this site.
Hi Dani,

Thanks for your thoughts. We had 17 or more tornadoes go around us and one was very close to our house
but thank goodness it missed us. A lot of trees came down on homes and were in the roads I feel so bad
for everyone that had damage to there homes.
Here's wishing you only the best and May God Bless You,

I can't imagine what it was like over there. I'm really glad it's over and that everyone made it out ok!
That is too many and too much fear for someone with epilepsy. I am afraid this weather however is somehow our new normal.
Another strong storm hit my area yesterday and now I have a huge tree branch down on
the roof from my neighbors tree and we have more storms coming in today.
I don't know if State laws differ on this, but in Texas, you can cut any branch from your neighbors trees/vegetation that encroaches on (grows over) your property. Any branches that extend over the property line get cut to prevent damage to fences and structures.

Anyway, very sorry to hear that you have suffered major damage! I hope you are able to get some help in removing the branch and at least getting a tarp over the roof damage.
Hi Bernard,
In NY if the weather caused the tree to come down from another persons property it's considered an act of God
so I will have to pay for everything and the neighbor doesn't have to pay a cent. I called a tree company and
I'm waiting for them to call me back or come over to get the tree off the roof.
Hurricane Beryl's remnants gave us a lot of rain, but what we saw Monday night was worse. There were 11 confirmed tornados in the Chicago area. Most were very EF0 or EF1. At one point, in fact, there were tornados simultaneously near both airports--O'hare & Midway!
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