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Ryerson : Norm

(You MUST figure out who Ned Ryerson is!)

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Cash: Henry

haha I didn't know Ned Ryerson was from Groundhog day
Soren : Nick

(I found that the name Tabitha translates into "gazelle")
(And... Tabitha Soren... ahhh back when MTV was sane...)

(And also!... I stumbled across the movie "The Big Short" (relates to her husband, the author) looks like a must-see movie!)

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Gaye Wilson : Nils

(I had no idea Nerida is a name - I googled for help - I like the gist though, to try to stump)

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Frahm: Michelle

Are you trying to stump me too? I had to look up Nils haha
Obama : Adam

but really I like the idea more of looking up new people too rather than the people only having to be off the top of your mind
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