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Heavy Kevy

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On my cognitive test note’s the Dr has written under a one section where I had a subtle weakness. The findings were consistent with what I’ve been through.
Then she wrote: “However Zonisamaid and heavy cannabis use can also have negative effects on executive functioning “
Not disagreeing with the weed but what about the 5 other medications I’m taking? Specifically Lamictal, Briviact and Onfi? Why only Zon?

Legitimate question or let sleeping dogs lie?
Don’t know how it helps but I’m glad I asked.
Kept bugging me so I sent a message thru the hospital portal to the Dr. Here is the response.
Yes, Zonisamide is one of the antiseizure medications shown to be associated with cognitive side effects more so than the others you are prescribed. It is important to understand though that this is based on group studies though and every individual's response to medications can be different. We raise it as a possibility, but you could see what your neurologist thinks
I would encourage you to ask your doc questions whenever you are curious about something. Most AEDs are designed to dampen brain activity - that's the whole point/purpose. I would suspect all the meds you mentioned " can also have negative effects on executive functioning". Maybe the doc just didn't feel like listing every drug on the report. Maybe Zonisamide is especially known for this effect. Let us know what your doc says.

Edit: Just read post #2... lol... thanks.
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