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This aimed at Brits but Americans and other parts of world if apply when u have seizure and get teeth knocked out do you think you entitled to a free plate.I 4 teeth down since last posted.i was woken up great desire something needed to be done next thing on floor two teeth knock out and one dangling so yanked it off(not to be advised) the other tooth few weeks ago same thing desire to get up next thing bish bash wallop tooth out. Last one just felt me self falling from bed and my false tooth went trough lip.pulled all side table and lamp down never felt thing until husband rushed in I was on me knees unaware how why when husband got me back to bed then the blood everywhere my plate gone though lip and broke.....it no fault of ours but do you think we should have free treatment....I had it done on NHS and still cost me 500quid..what do you all think
It depends on if you/your husband is working and if you're claiming any benefits. For example, i'm missing 3 teeth on each side due to seizures (thankfully not at the front, though i had to have a front one repaired!) Because i was on working tax credits and then ESA i didn't have to pay. However, when i was a student i had to pay the £20 odd for just sitting in the chair. I had a plate done for free too, but unfortunately broke it. Am thinking i should get another before i go back into work. I'll see if i can find the link to show eligibility and then edit this post to put it in

Edit - that was fast, here you go NHS site Sadly epilepsy alone doesn't entitle you to free dental care the same way it does for medication :(
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