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Not sure if this game going to take off but crunchy and me stated few games which people enjoy.the aim is to take a few words from song film book speech you say if it music or what ever person who gets it right sets the next on

Example..lmusic Let It tumble. Next words would be let it tumble when sky falls addle
Or film. I said blow bloody......doors off .italian job
Literature to be.....answer or not to be that is the question the bard.

Diamond are.....answer for ever. take your pick song or film

It's been......hard days night Beatles

Speech its not what your country can's what you can do for country
I have......a dream MlK.

See what you think
So you say the first half of the quote/movie/book and the next person has to finish it and guess where is came from? That sound like a fun game :) It's always nice to have new games starting, keeping things fresh :)

Toto.... I have a feeling........
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