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I had a seizure recently that I'd broken my glasses. I think the lenses are ok but the frames got messed up really bad. I'd gotten my glasses at Wal-Mart so I didn't know if I could just get new frames or if I'd have to get whole new glasses. It is about time to get new glasses too. I went there and they told me that I couldn't do either because of the COVID. Luckily I have an old pair of glasses that I can still use.

There are other offices in our area but they cost fortune. I'm not really sure which ones are open, haven't done much research about it. Any suggestions though?
Is the optical center completely closed? When my son broke his, they popped out his lenses and put them into a new frame for free. It was actually the frames on display. I think Walmart has a warranty on frames and if you're past that, you should still be able to get a replacement...even if it costs a few bucks.

Just looked it up and saw that Walmart still has a twelve month breakage guarantee. You should be able to get new frames for free if you've had yours less than a year.
Hi Valeriedl,

If you have an Empire vision in your area they are open and what I did is ordered frames that won't break and they are
universal frames so if the lens need to be changed they can get the new lens and put them in at no cost. They also have
an eye Dr. there that will do eye exams much cheaper. It costs a couple of dollars more but I'm glad I did it because my
glasses would have been broke by now with the fights I break up at school. Wishing you only he best and May God Bless You!

It's not closed, they just aren't doing any type of eye exam. I think they said it probably won't start that again until September. My glasses are over a year old and I didn't get any type of longer warranty plan for them.

My mom took my glasses into Wal-Mart and the guy fixed the frames, no charge. He was really upset that he couldn't get the inch long scratch buffed out on them but that scratch was so deep it wasn't going anywhere. I could see pretty good out of the old glasses but they weren't bifocals and I was having a heck of a time trying to read good. I'm just glad I read good again now!
Hi, I get my glasses online at Eyebuy direct you will need your prescription. (There are other places online but I've never dealt with them). They advertise "Cheap" glasses DON'T get them they fall apart get the more expensive ones. The form is tricky and I got confused so be sure to read it carefully.
I don't think I would. I'd have to be able to try them on first to see what I look like in them.

I got the nose of my glasses, the part that's unaligned, moved back into place. I've had to go back in twice do have it done again. I think the masks are what's knocking them out of place right now.

The optical center is open again. I could probably go in and get an exam, not sure if it's been one or two years since my last one. Probably wouldn't hurt to get a new pair though. The only thing is that no one can come in and help me pick out glasses, this is something that my mom usually helps me do. I can pick some out, put them on and go to the entrance to let her see. I'll have to have the mask on too when I do it.
It's always worth keeping old glasses and investing in a glasses repair/care kit. You could probably pick one up on amazon for a few quid. I always get the 2-for-1 offer whenever it's available, because i've gone through rather a lot of pairs of glasses haha. On the bright side i now have different pairs to match different outfits. When trying them on, take a selfie on your phone of each pair then scroll through and pick the ones you like the look of the most, somehow it's easier to judge when you're looking at a picture of yourself rather than in a mirror.
I just had an eye exam at our optometrist last week. My prescription hasn't changed, but to get more contacts, I had to be tested. I order my contacts online. I will go back to the store to order a pair of eyeglasses--I haven't got a new pair in a long time. I prefer to wear contacts most of the time--I've broken 4 pairs of glasses during complex partial seizures.
I use plastics blue glasses because I already had broken many expensive glasses due to seizure, now I only use plastic frame glasses, these glasses are very useful for playing and watching sports, during in driving, helping to see more clearly and avoid hazards, I recommend you to use them you will also like it.
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