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I am new. Coming up on 10 years seizure free after craniotomy done for abcess left temporal lobe due to bacterial meningitis of my brain. 5/7/14 - 5 /7/24. Very afraid of current state of the US. Not sure I will live or die is how I feel on daily basis day to day due to politics etc. I found a site where a person with epilepsy justified his ownership of guns with a biblical verse - Isiah 54:16. I am safety oriented. Have had extensive trauma therapy due to almost dying I have been back in therapy since 12/23. Anyone come across an post like this?
If you find that political news is unduly stressing you out. Maybe unplug yourself from the political news cycle and live your life the best you can without it. $.02
Hi Dani1960,

Welcome to CWE! Just like you I had surgery done on the right temporal lobe to reduce my seizures and it did wonders
for me. I also have a cousin that had meningitis yrs. ago and it affected his brain but not to the point of seizures.
Don't get to stressed up because stress can trigger seizures and I sure wouldn't want that to happen to anyone. Just
take it one day at a time and have faith.
Wishing you only the best and May God Bless You,

Hi Dani1960,
One of my main seizure triggers is emotions. If I get very angry and let it continue for an hour or so, then in a day or two I'll have a seizure. Likewise, if I'm very sad or depressed and stay there, I'll have a seizure.
I rarely watch the news because it tends to either get me yelling at the screen or crying. Five years ago, my husband just flat told me I'm not allowed to watch the news, and I couldn't argue that because of the toll it was taking. I find gardening and knitting to be my best mood resets. During the evenings, I knit to release stress of the day. On the weekends I garden which helps to work out any bigger emotions I'm working through. This helps me.
Welcome to CWE!
Hello. I know that stress/tension can trigger my simple partial seizures, but what triggers the complex partial seizures is a mystery. I've had them while alone or even when sitting around talking to friends. Oddly, I've usually taken my meds, so a missed dose isn't an issue. Thanks to some recent ones, my neurologist is raising my Xcopri dose 50mg to 250mg/night, along with the 500mg Zonisamide I take daily.
I am taking all of the advice. No more news. I like to keep up with medical research psychology etc
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