No problems talking to people


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Over the weekend my dad and I went to a party for a friend friend who's son was retiring from the Army. When I got to him in the line thanking him for his service he used my name. I had no clue how he knew me, even told him that, but said I knew who he was. He said that I only remembered his name was Andy because that's my dad's name and we both laughed about it.

After we got done eating I was sitting with all the people I knew, about 10 of them total, and saw Andy was sitting alone. So I got and went over and started talking to him. We talked a little about what the did when he was in the Army. I asked him how he knew me it turned out we had played together around 40 years ago when the family's would get together. Guess we even knew each other from school too, we didn't play sports with each other and weren't in band. I told him I didn't remember any of that, mostly because I have trouble remembering things because of having epilepsy. He was really interested in it. Mostly my VNS and how my brain worked now. I don't know how long we talked about things, 30 minutes or more. He was a really nice guy. After I was done talking with him I saw his wife and talked to her a good bit. I talked to a ton of people that night that I didn't know.

On my way home my dad said he can't believe that I can just go up to someone and start a conversation, epilepsy having nothing to do with it. I've always been that way and my grandpap, on my mom's side of of the family, was too. My dad said he'd never be able to do that, he's the one that waits for someone to come over and start the conversation.