Off to see the Wizard

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I saw The Wizard of Oz at the movie theater today. It's one of my favorite movies and it was great! I can't tell you what it was like seeing everything huge instead of on a little tv. Everyone clapped at the end. It's playing three more times at the theater and I'd love to go to see all of them!
Ive never seen all of the movie but I once said to my old psychologist I feel like Im from the wizard from Oz.
She asked me and which character am I Dorothy? I went geez no.

I explained how I have the dodgy brain because of the epilepsy, I have to have regular heart tests for one of my meds and I see the psychiatrist / psychologist for different issues. But the one I think I associate wit the most is scarecrow lol

The funny thing is my dad has a little grey and white scruffy dog that i joke can be Dorothys dog.
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