Offering $200 in scholarship money for writing about epilepsy.


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To middle, high school, and college students. Open to parents that care for children with e.

Writing a book about 21st century life and one chapter delves into the innate, or spiritual power of human beings to overcome their circumstances. Seeking a young person that doesn't mind writing a story about their lives, sacrifices struggles and triumphs and putting it into an 800-1000 word essay. Two best essays will receive $100 check from yours truly! Submission period ends Dec. 31 of this year.

In total hoping to give out $2,100 American dollars in scholarships this year. The book will likely make little to no money but as long as it helps others...

Book is publishing in late 2016 and the scholarship fund will pay in the latter part of the 2016 school year. Also offering this to my local e fund and others with similar struggles (dialysis, MS, etc.). Anonymous submissions are welcome but I will need to verify identity to ensure honesty.

You can post stories here, or through PM
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