pain and seizures etc.

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I was at physical therapy a while back, scoliosis, neck probs, neuropathy, etc. I was attached to the thing that's like a 10s unit sort of thing, n I think heating may have been used also. Some electronic device that uses electricity to help with pain. I'm really not sure how it works exactly, but it was turned up way too high, n for some reason I didn't ask anyone to shut it off, I think bc I'm so used to painful n uncomfortable events happening. I did feel it n it was jolting me but I was sorta zoned out. It was actually pretty severe n the woman working said something about seizures n just sorta walked by. I have epilepsy, but I'm not sure if electrical jolting, what that would be. Anywayz, does anyone else have painful stuff happen n they're so used to being in pain that they only sort of notice, then later notice they've been sitting there for a long time n haven't done anything to stop whatever was going on. That it could've reduced some pain but too used to pain to really pay attn? Like maybe have a leg in an awful position but do nothing about it? Well being used to is not exactly the wording I'm looking for. But how a person may constantly have pain n its basically how they live with it. Like maybe how I cope with pain causes me to try to ignore other outside pains that I am supposed to pay attn to more. Its like I may be paying attn but also trying to forget about it, as an automatic response. Its said that some people with neuropathy may not notice if they're touching something too hot or too cold. I don't think I have that kind of symptoms,but I think I have absence seizures (n others) as a reaction to pain overload n also hyperacusis n tinnitus (etc). Like how the body tries to protect itself from pain n loud noise, etc, sometimes I will zone out n be twitching from it, for example. As my body tries to ignore all the pain.